Thursday, November 10, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 23

Hi everyone!

I am so so depressed and sad about what happened to Auntie Clare and Kiri last weekend. If you have not heard, Mum said a dog tried to attack Kiri when Auntie Clare was holding him in her arms. He freaked out as all cats would do (I would do the same too) and unintentionally bit and scratched Auntie Clare's arm until it is infected. She has had to stay at the hospital until she gets better. Uncle Casey has been updating Auntie Clare's progress on
eat stuff and she may get to come home soon (paws crossed!).

Auntie Susan from
Farmgirl Fare and I thought we will host a special WCB this weekend - a get well soon edition for Auntie Clare and Kiri. You can send her flowers, get well cards, chocolate (which always makes anyone feel better), cute little antics from the kitties, food or anything to cheer them up so they get better quickly vide your WCB posts. I wonder what I should make? Must sit down and discuss with my brother and sister as I want it to be very special.

Take lotsa care Auntie Clare and Kiri. E-hugs and positive thoughts from all of us to get well ASAP!

Boo the cat

P/s Auntie Susan from Farmgirl Fare has also written a nice little post too with a picture of cute little hearts. If you don't have a kitty cat, please do join in too as the more the merrier.


Marie, Paris said...

Hiya boo and family. Thanks for letting me know about this particuliar get-well WCB. I'll post something. However I won't be able to post a comment on saturday (won't be in sight of any civilisation as by the sea on week-end) please count me in for WCB.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi boo,
I love that picture of you! : )

Dawn said...

Thanks for the details. Will have to try and get something together to cheer Claire up. Boo is a sweetie in that photo.

Amy said...

Hi Boo, thanks for hosting this! Here ya go:

Aria said...


I would like you and kiri to support my
political agenda.

babaganoosh the cat

Cat said...

awww poor wee boo we'll do our best to be there to cheer you up and wish Clare & Kiri well

Kalyn Denny said...

Here is my link for WCB. Since I am 100% catless, I am sending some flowers for Clare instead.

boo_licious said...

thanks for the well wishes for Auntie Clare and kiri!

Lots of love

Boo the cat

Anonymous said...

Hey, you! Here's my link

Hope that works??? Anyway, here's to Clare and her speedy well-ness!

Beautiful kitty!

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