Friday, November 04, 2005

Village Park Restaurant

Today, I had planned to blog about a Raya open house I went to yesterday but unfortunately there was not enough light so the pictures turned out grainy. Sigh! Despite the lack of pictures, it was a fantastic spread of food we had plus a wonderful time as we caught up with old friends. Thanks to N & his lovely wife, M who prepared all the yummy food with the help of her servant. (N claims he helped by watching television!) They have a lovely home which we oohed and aahed over (I wonder if M will do some Interior Designing for my new place?). A bit about the food, we had soto (Chicken Soup) with begedel (a kind of potato meat dumpling), prawns, ketupat daun palas, rendang ayam (Malay for chicken rendang), rendang daging (Malay for beef rendang), curry noodles, ketupat (Malay for rice cake), peanut sauce and even home made tapai pulut (Malay for fermented glutinous rice). Everything was yummy and we ate quite a bit of everything. Not too sure if I have any more Raya open houses to go to this whole month but if I do, I will definitely try and get some pictures.

On to today's post that keeps with the Raya theme, it's all about Malay food. This is one of my favourite places to have nasi lemak. Let me clarify one point though, I eat nasi lemak once every few months rather than some who I have heard must have it every day for breakfast so I may have different tastebuds from others.

I really love the nasi lemak from this place, the rice is fluffy and smells of coconut milk. I read that the owner steams it with santan in a wooden rice container. The sambal also gets my thumbs up as it is not too spicy but you can taste the ikan bilis (Malay for anchovies) and onions that has been cooked for about eight hours. Usually they serve it with half of a hard boiled egg plus some fried ikan bilis and peanuts. You can add any other dish from a large selection of dishes but I usually go for the chicken rendang. I love the rendang here which has lots of lemon grass and the sauce is fantastic.

I sat outside so I could take pictures and ordered some Air Bandung to quench my thirst. They do this drink really well here. The combination of the rose syrup and the evaporated milk is just right plus there is a dash of lime juice also.

I was a bit early so some dishes were not all out so I had the sambal petai. Petai are beans which you can get in the jungle and is reknowned for their smelliness. Kinda in the same category of durians so don't eat them if you have a date. It was yummy stuff. The last time I was at this place, they had some wonderful kerabu vegetables but they cook different selections all the time.

Besides the nasi lemak, they also serve nasi kerabu , lontong and nasi dagang. Yet to try all the other dishes as I usually stick to nasi lemak but after reading this
review of them, I may just try it out soon. (Note that the link may not work after one week since you have no access to the paper's archives) The place is run by a Chinese couple and usually one of them is around the place running the restaurant and collecting monies. The only slight problem you may have is parking around the area especially during the weekdays as that place is packed since there are so many offices around them. I usually go during Sundays or public holidays so it is easier to get parking. If you do want to try them for lunch during the weekday, park inside the Uptown buildings as they have ample car parks downstairs. The only thing is don't go there alone as I find the car park to be a bit dodgy as it is way too quiet.

Village Park Restaurant
45, Jalan ss21/37
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7710 7860

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.


rokh said...

wow you're posting so diligently i can't keep up with you! i tried this nasi lemak too and it the beef that i had was not bad. one time i wantd to order the nasi dagang but it was finished. i tried the meehoon soto also and not bad, compare to others that i have tried.

FooDcrazEE said...

she always blog diligently. me starting to be lazy now as my card reader kaput. need to buy and so cant blog for the time being.

Unknown said...

yup, I can always count of boo_licious for regular interesting posts (no pressure intended) - btw, I haven't eaten petai in a long long while, can't stand the after-effect smell in the toilet!

glutton rabbit said...

Boo, too bad the pictures at the open house turn out grainy. Lucky you to be invited to an open house. No invitation for me this year... no close Malay friends since I moved to Penang...
BTW, the nasi lemak looks very tempting!

SkyJuice said...

Ummm... I haven't had nasi lemak for ages. Must ask my mum to make her special nasi lemoni (a healthier version of nasi lemak using special ulam and spices and it smells nicer than the usual nasi lemak). Yummmm!

Reid said...

Hi boo_licious!

I love nasi lemak. I need to make some at home soon...especially since I can't get it anywhere here. I also have a bottle of rose syrup that I brought home from Singapore, so I'll definitely be making some bandung as well. =)

boo_licious said...

rokh - ooo, the nasi dagang is good. I must go try it. I dread the parking at this place though.

foodcrazee - no regular makan posts from you? oh no! quick, get a new card reader ASAP.

Cath - I call it my daily column of work. Yeah, once in a while can only eat petai, not on Splashie Boy's approved foods list.

Rabbit - yes, we were pretty lucky this year as it was great fun.

skyjuice - the nasi lemoni sounds yummy. Hope u will blog about that when your mum makes it.

reid - do make the air bandung. It is yummy, add the lime juice so it's not so sweet. You can make nasi lemak? Amazing!

LavaMama said...

boo_licous, looks good. Which part of Uptown does this place face? tks

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