Monday, November 28, 2005

Blogosphere Food Finds @ 28 November, 2005

I have decided to do a kinda Malaysian food blog watch where I summarise on a weekly basis, what other blogs are talking about the food in Malaysia. Although I usually keep a pretty updated Malaysian food blog list, I found out that not all bloggers just talk about food, so it's pretty hard to categorise them as food blogs. The links are mainly found from food blogs I read plus the pings from Project Petaling Street so they may sound familiar to you but alien to the foreigners who don't read the local blogs. The summary also helps me keep track of food finds that I want to try out so you may see me visiting some of the recommended places later on. Sorry, no pictures of the food they talk about but I will slowly work them in later posts.

SHF/IMBB Cookie-Swap

I thought I'll start with the latest food event that is this month's special joint SHF/IMBB event. Swee from
Just Heavenly was the first to post her entry as she had a special cook off with friends during her holidays that included smoothies. She made some yummy looking chocolate cookie pretzels and green tea shortbreads. Subsquently, Rachel from Tham Jiak shared with us the all time favourite, pineapple tarts. I guess great minds think alike since I also made something with pineapple jam for my Cookie-Swap. Babe from Babe in the City was next and she quickly whipped up Crunchy Jumbo Snickers Cookies that her little son loves so much, he asks for them on a daily basis. Finally, the cute little Rabbit from Pearl of the Orient made the most adorable Gingerbread Teddies that her family was reluctant to even taste them as it was a shame to eat something so cute. I can understand why as the teddies are so lovingly decorated by her with different outfits.

Latest Happenings

Makan King who has been away for some time blogged a bit on Beard Papa which is set to open in Mid Valley Megamall soon. He is not the only excited one as Sue from Funky Cookies also posted something on the Beard Papa fever all over the world. Last week, I had blogged a bit on the Petaling Street Air Mata Kucing stall in Mid Valley Megamall, Paul Tan also got into the action with his memories of the stall.

What's Cooking in Malaysian Kitchens?

Malaysians are a pretty varied lot and will make anything under the sun just to satisfy their tummies. Babe from Babe in the City introduced us to Instant Roti Canai, perfect for those days when you just want to chill out at home. She also made a peach yoghurt smoothie and ice lollies. Simmie from What's For Dinner? made Tiramisu in a cup for her Thanksgiving dessert while Shawn of Away from Home in Edinburgh came out with a yummy looking Belacan Fried Rice from his leftovers.

Swee from Just Heavenly outdid herself as she made Ham in Coca-Cola and Sweetcorn Pudding from her new cookbook, Nigella Bites for a pot luck. Teckiee from Big Head Big Hat made her first carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Looks good for a first timer. LavaMama from Everything That Is or Was Began in a Dream made smiley steamed egg cakes and peach marshmallow dessert for her friends.

They sell this in Malaysia...?

Sometimes bloggers also talk about what's new and happening in Malaysian shops and it's great as you get to discover new food items on the supermarket shelves or even home businesses. LavaMama from Everything That Is or Was Began in a Dream raved on about Lays new Stack potato chips. Terenceg shared with us some beautiful looking layer cakes with a flower pattern that costed a mini bomb.

Huai Bin from Sixth Seal shares with us an interesting Lady Fingers (Okra) snack from Taiwan he found in Malaysia. He also blogged about Lays new Stack potato chips.

Eats around Kuala Lumpur

Food is in abundance all over Kuala Lumpur and it's nearby areas so it's not surprising that bloggers always talk about their great finds. Shaolin Tiger kicks off this eating session with a list of his favourite Malaysian foods and they all look so good! The Makan King introduced us to a ginormous roti tissue that his friend had at the mamak stall. I don't think I have ever seen anything so big before!

Dim Sum seems to be the choice for Malaysians during the weekends as Julie the Biscuit made a detour to Chynna for some yummy teeny weeny eats plus some eight treasure tea served in a long spout teapot. I wonder if she bumped into Earl-ku of Love Foolospher who also posted pictures of his dim sum experience in Chynna and was casting admiring looks at the cute waitresses too. Shanghai food is never far away as LavaMama went twice to Crystal Jade in Lot 10 to try out the food. Wyejon from Wantan Productions tried out Dragon-i at 1 Utama for a birthday dinner and was not impressed with the food.

I have not tasted Ulu Yam's Lor Mee but it looks good as LavaMama tried an outlet in Kepong. She also introduced us to her favourite Nasi Lemak stall in ss2. Not only that LavaMama did a taste test comparison on Taiwan Noodles( Ampang, ss2 and Kuchai Lama) which got me hankering to try the Kuchai Lama ones now. Julie the biscuit found some cheap ramen noodles at Tenka Daiichi Ramen, Wisma Central. She also visited a place called Friendster cafe which may or may not be associated with the famous friendster website. KY from KY speaks discovered the steamed rice place in Kelana Jaya which is one of my favourite places too. I can always rely on KY for great eats and he recommends the steamed tilapia in Rawang. Aprilcherrie was everywhere last week as she went to Salak South for Char Siew, SS2 for Curry and Tomyam Seafood Noodles, Ikan Bakar (Malay for Grilled Fish) in Sri Petaling and Chillies in Bangsar.

Eats outside of Kuala Lumpur

Malaysians love to travel for good food as seen by this bunch who brings us eats from Penang, Ipoh and Sibu. After reading their posts, I often want to jump into my car and drive all the way there for the yummy food. Darryl of The Cypher Inc. is back in Malaysia for a holiday brings us for great eats in Ipoh ( I have fond memories of that coffee shop, Kong Heng) and Bidor's famous duck noodles. KC Yap from Point of View shared with some views of the night market in Sibu and an unnamed dish which he says is the best he tasted. Dragon City tempted me to visit Melaka like right now with his yummy coverage on Capitol Satay's famous satay celup. I heard there is an outlet in Subang Jaya, must go search for it as the food looks great.

My So Called Life made me drool over his pictures of Penang's New Lane Char Koay Teow and the famous Batu Maung satay. He didn't stop there as he also shared some pictures of the koay teow from Lorong Selamat. Shameless to say, I love that char koay teow and paid an exhorbitant price for it and waited! Lilian from Malaysia Best went for a little holiday to Kuala Lumpur but she stopped for some shiny Ipoh Chicken Rice. The talented Rabbit from Pearl of the Orient shared with us some of her favourite eats in Pulau Tikus: western food, char hor fun and mee basah (first I have heard of that dish before).

Hope you enjoy the summary and happy eating!


jesscet said...

Wow! clever idea. very useful even for a non food blogger like me. hmm.. feeling a bit hungry now after going to some of the links!

may i ask how long it takes you to compile this post?

Swee San said...

whoaaaaaa !!!!!
good job !!!

rokh said...

wow, thanks boo for the linkups! really great to know there are so many other foodbloggers or even occasional ones out there!

boo_licious said...

jess - does not take too long if you do them on a daily basis.

swee and rokh - Yippee for Msians as we love to eat.

LavaMama said...

As I was reading, I kept thinking wow...good job boo! I am trying to find an opportunity to try the Steamed Rice KY was blogging about. I recall a couple who was sharing the same table said they were regulars and highly recommended the food sold by this stall as not only was it tasty, it was reasonable too! ;)

boo_licious said...

lavamama - the steamed rice is nice. I was planning to blog abt it but KY beat me to it. I like their steamed rice and soups.

wyejon said...

pretty comprehensive list... thanks for mentioning me :)

boo_licious said...

wyejon - no problems

Dragon City said...

Yeah..i also notice that there was one capitol stay celup outlet at USJ, near to the puchong-usj toll. Must go and try. ^_^

FooDcrazEE said...

swee, do u know there's a shop in Bangsar that sells cakes as well as wedding planners called JUST

open up by 2 great guys who is the socialite of KL

boo_licious said...

dragon city - must go and try that place out

foodcrazee - yeah, she has the same name as them. At first I thought it was their website.

shawnchin said...

Great compilation!!

I just had lunch, but now i'm hungry again... break out the wok!!!

glutton rabbit said...

Uwaaa, thanks for the great review of my site! Thanks Boo! You're such a nice person!

q said...

wow, great round-up! i shall look forward to the next one.

(and just so you know, i post food pictures too sometimes on my photoblog, haha. yes i can be quite shameless! :-) although the other day, lookinh at the photos on my site on someone's else's monitor, i realised that the image compression on them is so horrible, might have to redo *sigh*)

Chen said...

Wow.. good compilation :D
I'm sure u have spend lotsa time writing this :)

boo_licious said...

shawn - how I wish you were my uni-mate. I am sure I would not have gone hungry.

rabbit - no worries, I love your blog.

q - must go check out that. Sometimes no time to read and comment as there is so many blogs.

chen - do bit by bit so not too bad. I type quite fast so it's okay too.

Unknown said...
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