Saturday, November 12, 2005

Be Well Clare - Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 23

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all ready to cheer up my best pal, Kiri and his mummy, Auntie Clare after their
little incident last weekend. This weekend is very special as I decided to give my little red heart to Kiri since I "heart" him and Auntie Clare a lot. Sorry I am not really looking at the camera as I felt a bit shy telling the world my feelings. Not easy for a kitty to profess her love to someone on the Internet. I wonder how those people do it vide those chat rooms.

I tried to rally my brother and sister to help out but they turned a blind eye to my efforts. All he did was to continue sleeping under his straw hat while my sister had dissapeared for the night. Bah, useless siblings I have!

My siblings may be useless this weekend but all of you rock! as entries have been coming in already and it's not even the weekend yet for some of you overseas. By the way, this WCB is extra special too as everyone can join in even though you are kitty-less.

I am sure Auntie Clare and Kiri will be so pleased and happy when they get back from the hospital. Thanks so much for your efforts and I will do my best to update them as and when they come in.
  1. Check out Amy's lovely flowers and get well message at Beauty Joy Food;
  2. Check out the cute Babaganoosh with his good wishes at passionatenonchalance;
  3. Check out Kalyn's beautiful snapdragons which are beckoning Clare and Kiri to get well soon at Kalyn's Kitchen;
  4. Check out Squirt's life story and well wishes at ...slowly she turned... ;
  5. Check out Tasha, cake (yum!), flowers and get well wishes at A Few of my Favourite Things;
  6. Check out Flotsa in a Berkeley window at Middle-Fork;
  7. Check out the kitties, Fridolin and Maruschka at Rosa's Yummy Yums;
  8. Check out the Cat who is sad but has lovely flowers for Clare and Kiri at Belly-Timber;
  9. Check out Flotsa who is sending Clare and Kiri some virtual ice-cream at Far Cartouche;
  10. Check out Earl and Toejam looking so cute they will definitely cheer up Clare and Kiri at So Cal Foodie;
  11. Check out the sweetie, Tigger who looks like he can give lots of loving to Clare and Kiri at Shelli's Sentiments;
  12. Check out Phoebe and Trina giving cute winks to Clare and Kiri asking them to get well quickly at Indy Foodie;
  13. Check out the adorable kitty antics which will bring a smile to Clare and Kiri's faces at Tigers & Strawberries;
  14. Check out Macroom who is sleeping away on a very cute chair (my Mum's favourite cartoon character!) at Dispensing Happiness;
  15. Check out Gigolo Kitty who is trying to negotiate better terms with Santa this year over at Gigolokitty!;
  16. Check out River who is making sure there are no stray doggies around for Clare and Kiri at kitchenmage;
  17. Check out Lixue who offers furry cuddles to cheer up Clare and Kiri (extra ones for Kiri as she loves him - I am so jealous but I understand as Kiri is such a hunky cat) at Look Hunny, I Cooked;
  18. Check out Aggie who sent a hug, chocolate cake and flowers to Clare and Kiri at kayaksoup;
  19. Check out the most adorable kitten fight ever plus candy for Clare and Kiri at Anne's Food;
  20. Check out Leo who sends his best wishes at my little kitchen;
  21. Check out darling Molly Doodlebug with beautiful heart cookies and a lovely message for Clare and Kiri at Farmgirl Fare;
  22. Check out Tanuki who wanted to post himself to Sydney to see Clare and Kiri at A Cat in the Kitchen;
  23. Check out Marlin sprucing himself up as he brings S'more Treats to Clare and Kiri to cheer them up at Heather's Space;
  24. Check out Maggie sitting in a sink and offering lots of wishes to Clare and Kiri to get well soon at Love and Cooking;
  25. Check out Miss Kitty with a lovely get well message and flowers for Clare and Kiri at Culinary in the Desert;
  26. Check out Maggie and Wellington offering to go Down Under to see Clare and Kiri at Modern Girls Kitchen;
  27. Check out the kitties from France who brought flowers for Clare and Kiri at Lali et Cie;
  28. Check out Princess LouLou who sends her royal wishes to Clare and Kiri at Stalking the Waiter;
  29. Check out Alicat's former kitties and Spanks with lots of good wishes to Clare and Kiri to get well at Something So Clever;
  30. Check out Billy Lee, the cyber kitty who is up to tricks at The food pornographer;
  31. Check out Jack and Charlotte who both sent lots and lots of hugs to Clare and Kiri (I want one too!) at My Adventures in the Breadbox;
  32. Check out Tyson who will beat up that doggie which tried to hurt Kiri at Food Chronicles (I'm sad about Meggiecat's loss too!);
  33. Check out Dale who sends his love and hugs to Clare and Kiri plus apologies for his species at One Hot Stove;
  34. Check out Miss Domino who is looking for Clare and Kiri at Farmgirl Fare;
  35. Check out Dusty who is concentrating very hard to be worried at bakingsheet;
  36. Check out speedy Trixie who offers good wishes to Clare and Kiri at greengirlart;
  37. Check out Snoopy who is joining us for the first time at everybody likes sandwiches;
  38. Check out Red-Boy who wishes Clare and Kiri well at bunnyfoot;
  39. Check out Lyle who offers Kiri a safe place to play at Basic Juice;
  40. Alisha and Mattie sends Clare and Kiri well wishes at Playin' Whaley;
  41. Check out Shishi, Mel and Spot who all offer well wishes plus good advice to Clare and Kiri at s'kat and the food;
  42. Check out Huggy and Buddy who join us from California with well wishes at The Poor Cracklins;
  43. Check out Noche offering a rose and wishes to Clare and Kiri at Blog Appetit;
  44. Check out the cute picture Rima and Nala sent to Clare and Kiri at Les Carnets de sbmarie.

Lotsa love, hugs and meow kisses

Boo the cat

P/s remember to join the doggies over at Auntie Sweetnicks for Weekend Dog Blogging too!


Laurie said...

Here's squirt with his background story and a get well wish for Clare at

cin said...

Cake & floweres for Clare & Kiri to look at:

Aria said...

boo you are so cute, sheesh!

the Robot Vegetable said...

Here's Flotsa in a Berkeley Window. She was a great kitty - she still runs around in my peripheral vision.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Hi Boo_licious,
As promised, here are my cats...
Thanks for linking them!
Hava a nice weekend!

MizD said...

Hey Boo! I couldn't find any hearts, but I brought flowers!

--The Cat

the Robot Vegetable said...

Middle-Fork is so heartless - Flotsa is shocked

Dawn said...

Hi, I posted a simple pic of Earl and Toejam that will hopefully brighten Claire's day.

Thanks for hosting this weekend's WCB!


Shelli said...

I didn't have any food or flowers to bring, but I brought kissing kitties. Get well Clare! Check it out at Shelli's Sentiments at

Shelly said...

Hi Boo! Thanks for hosting this weekend! This is Phoebe and Trina sending well wishes for Clare and Kiri!

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello, Boo! I have Dandelion, Lennier, Gummitch and Tatterdemalion making funny faces and acting silly, hoping to give Clare a nice healing dose of laughter at

Stephanie said...


Here's Macroom...

Gigolo Kitty said...

Oh Boo-licious, I am so sorry to hear about Kiri! I hope she is feeling better:O

I bring Gigolokitty to your weekly roundup. He has been writing letters to the new Santa Claus. He was so very upset to hear the sad fate that befell the last portly gift-giver!



kitchenmage said...

River's searching for infiltrating dogs, keeping the other kitties safe.

Cat said...

thats so sweet your furries want to do nice thing for Clare :) Lixue really wishes her well and is very curious to know how she is doing

Unknown said...

Me 'n' Aggie checking in!
what a beautiful post! Who knew you had such a sweet and poetic cat...

Anne said...

Here's our post this week - some kittens to cheer Clare up!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Boo,
What a wonderful WCB#23 post. And thanks so much for hosting again this weekend. Here's another link to add to the huge list (isn't it wonderful how many people are joining in!?):

Hearts & Cats for Clare & Kiri at Farmgirl Fare (

Hope you had a fun weekend. : )

kissekatten said...

Here is our post to Clare and Kiri!

/Dagmar at A cat in the kitchen

AzureLynn said...

Hey! We are sending in our treats and fun with Marlin and some S'mores. Hopeing that Clare and Kiri heal and are none the worse for wear very soon!

Charlotte said...

Maggie and I are sending Clare the equivalent of a funny card at Love and Cooking.

Get Well Soon

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joe said...

Hi Boo,

Miss Kitty sends her well wishes here

emma said...

Boo - Thank you for hosting cat blogging this weekend! Maggie the Corgi and I send our licks, purrs, love and hugs to Clare and Kiri!
from Wellington at Modern Girls Kitchen

glutton rabbit said...

Boo the cat! You should've look at the camera while taking the heart photo. You'll look more sincere if you did this ; )... Don't be shy.

ZaZa said...

Princess LouLou and I are joining WCB for the first time. Here's the link:

Ziz said...

My former kitties and I send our love to you Clare!! :)

Nupur said...

Thanks for doing this, is some love from me and my pooch:

Farmgirl Susan said...

Hi Boo,
This is so wonderful! Clare is going to be absolutely overwhelmed with joy! And here is one more late link. It's our Farmgirl Fare foster blog cat, Miss Domino, looking for Clare & Kiri:

Thanks again for doing this amazing roundup. I'm off to visit more kitties! : )

Nic said...

Dusty and I wish Clare our best in our post. Thanks for hosting this week, boo.

wendy said...

Thanks for hosting here is trixie speeding by.

Thanks for hosting.

Robyn said...

Boo, Thanks do much for fielding all of this! We've all done our part to wish Clare & Kiri well, but without your super round-up she'd probably miss a get well card or two! Thanks!

kickpleat said...

hello, i just thought i'd like to share my first weekend of cat blogging! you can view our cat snoopy here:

rae said...

red-boy sends his best wishes to clare and kitty at:

s'kat said...

Sorry for the late entry, but we're checking in here from Virginia:

FJKramer said...

Oops, I'm a day late, but my cat photo is cute, too.

See Noche and the rose at Blog Appetit

Feel Better, Clare

Marie, Paris said...

I wasn't anywhere near a computer on this weekend, as I was by the sea on a restful getaway weekend. But my cats draw a picture for Kiri and Clare at Les carnets de sbmarie

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