Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 22

Hello everyone, it's Boo the cat!

It's night time in Malaysia now and I just had a yummy bowl of Science Diet (boy! do I love that stuff). Mum is cooking her dinner now and I thought I will sneak in and tell you all the exciting news, we are helping Auntie Clare from
eat stuff to host WCB this weekend. She is going away to a wedding ( I wonder if Kiri is going too in his spiffy suit and orange silk tie?) this weekend so she asked Mum and I (yippee!) to guest host.

I was so excited after Mum told me that I ran around her a few times meowing away. I can't wait to see this all my kitty friend's pictures from all over the world. So please leave us your permalink to my cute kitty friends' pictures in the comment box or email Mum at Mum said she will let me write this time round (yippee!) as she reckons I probably have a few fans out there.

Okay, I have to go and clean my face like a good kitty cat plus witness my brother and sister chase themselves around the house (why do they always do that?).

Lotsa love, hugs and meow kisses

Boo the Cat

p/s there are lots of fireworks outside now which I don't like since they make loud noises! Must be some big celebration happening.

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