Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meme - 23/5

I was tagged by the little rabbit up north for this meme so I dug through my archives to get my 23rd post. Gee, I just realised I started the blog almost six months ago, feels like forever though since I do almost daily posts. My 23rd post was on Ravishing Ravioli that was super yummy. Okay, now I need to dig further and find the fifth sentence of the post which reads: "The first one we tried was the lobster and crab meat ravioli which we had with fresh tomato sauce, some cream and shredded basil."

Ahhh, such lovely memories of that pasta, I remember the first sauce I made just did not go well with the subtle flavours of the ravioli. Midway during cooking the second batch of ravioli, I ran to the computer to google for another sauce. I found a parmesan butter sauce which went so well with the pumpkin ravioli. After reading about the ravioli, I am now hankering for a plate of them.

Okay, now I need to crack my head to think of five people to pass this onwards:
  1. Jess from Jess's Two Js;
  2. The Funky Cookies duo; and
  3. Julie from julie the biscuit.

I wanted to add the newbies but I just realised they don't have enough posts to do the meme. Never mind, I'll stick to three people to pass the meme on.


Julie said...

yerrrr.. y me???? *boo*

boo_licious said...

julie - awww, don't worry, this is a very simple one. Just involves a bit of counting and digging.

jesscet said...

I did mine oredi, following the proper method of `little_rabbit'. yeah, am quite a sucker for quizzes, tests and memes.. :p

I see u r going deepavali now! wow!

boo_licious said...

rabbit - just started the blog, almost 6 months ago. Make fresh ravioli from scratch, sorry I did not. We bought frozen ones but they were very nice.

jess - thanks for doing the meme. Glad you liked it, I thought it was pretty easy hence I passed it on.

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