Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Section 14 @ Jalan 14/28, Petaling Jaya

Ikan Bakar Stall Jalan Bellamy - check out those cockles

Getting to this particular Ramadan Bazaar has been a yearly ritual for me which I have a love-hate relationship with. I absolutely love the selections here but I absolutely hate the lack of parking around this area. Section 14 is famed for their lack of parking at all hours and with the onset of this Ramadan Bazaar, it gets even worst with cars haphazardly parked. I literally went round the area for what felt like a million times before patience won and I scored a space.

Ikan Bakar stall nearer to the entrance of the bazaar with cockles and lala

Once I got the space, I was doubtful if I would be able to find new things to blog about since I had covered this place twice already. Luckily the stall owners didn't dissapoint me as I spied lots of new stuff which I was totally interested. It took a lot of will power from me to stop myself from buying the food as I had dinner plans but I vowed to return again to sample those goodies.

Lala anyone?

Although the road that leads to the bazaar is narrow, it's next to a playground area hence there's lots of space for those who are grilling items. The first stall which caught my eye was the Ikan Bakar stall when I walked in. The stall owner was frying cockles and lala on his hot plate. Looked really good and I managed to snap quick pictures of him when he was scooping the cooked shellfish into plastic containers. They looked so delicious I felt like getting some straight away to eat.

Very unusual for Ramadan Bazaar - Cockles or Kerang Bakar

Walk a bit further down and you'll spy everyone's favourite Ikan Bakar stall from Jalan Bellamy. Surprise Surprise! They were also frying cockles so I'm not too sure who copied who on this new item. I didn't notice any Lala at their stall and their cockles were cheaper at RM4 versus the other side which was selling for RM5. No idea about the portions served though so hard to judge which is better. Their stall were frying the cockles in one huge portion. He will add the cockles first and then the chili sauce on top of it before frying it.

Sotong Bakar

I also spied Sotong Bakar which looked delicious being cooked on top of a banana leaf on the hot plate.


Continuing the shellfish quest, I snapped a picture of this Balitong dish as I remember one of my friends loves this. She's the one who demonstrated to me once how you are supposed to eat Balitong which is a feat I have never mastered.

Cendol Durian Stall

Something else unusual at this bazaar was Cendol or Ais Batu Campur (ABC) Durian. To indicate that they were serving these icy treats with the King of Fruits, the stall owner has strung up durians next to their ice shaving machine. You can mix all types of items depending on what you liked whether it was durian, pulut or tapai.

Roti Jala

I was super happy to discover a roti jala stall. Best of all, they were serving it the Northern style with Serawa Durian which is durian gravy. Ever since I found this version last year at the
Kota Damansara Ramadan Bazaar, I have been dying to try it again. I also found out from the stall owner, he also owns the stalls in Kota Damansara so it's the same version. He told me he uses brown sugar for his sauce to make it nicer. Another must have when I return for dinner one night.

Grilling Satay under the hot sun

Another crowd pleaser is satay. This stall was grilling the sticks just at the side of the slope.

Satay Daging (Beef Satay)

The satay looked so tempting especially the beef version with chargrilled bits just the way I like it.

Stained Glass Agar Agar

More colourful agar agar and this stall had two types which looked great. This one uses bits of coloured agar agar on the top layer to make a stained glass effect.

Italian flag colours agar agar

I quite liked the clean colours of this tri-coloured agar agar. Too bad the green was a bit bright or else it'll resemble an Italian flag with it's red, green and white colours.

Popiah Basah - check that queue out

And don't forget the ever famous Popiah Basah stall. See the long queue which never changes every year.

Popiah basah

This year, he has someone to help him out in making the popiah so hopefully the wait time is shorter. For those of you who don't want to wait, you can get his popiah basah at the Medan Selera when it's not Ramadan time. Here's my previous post on the location.

I did find this year's Ramadan Bazaar's stalls have shrank in size but this place remains a favourite of mine. There's also the Sup Tulang stall and the Masakan Minang food stall if you like to eat rice and curries. Check out 2006 and 2005's entries on this Ramadan Bazaar too.

Ramadan Bazaar
Located along Jalan 14/28
Starts from opposite Utusan Melayu until the playground
Section 14, Petaling Jaya

(If you are coming from Jaya supermarket, turn right where the new Digital Mall is and drive straight down. You will see the stalls on your left hand side, just before Right Angle's shophouses. There is a mosque on the right hand side.)

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Junkgirl™ said...

The balitong and lala looks so tasty...

Cat Cat said...

Everyday I look forward to your Bazaar Ramadhan post... Hari2 datang baca your post also tak jemu... Itu popiah basah kasi tapau 10 for me. Best.

Precious Pea said...

Wait till my hubby reads this post, am sure he gonna call me and suggest to go to this bazaar on weekends for the cockles and lalas. Meanwhile, i very tempted to try the roti jala with the serawa durian...sounded so yummy!

boo_licious said...

junkgirl - I know! I was like quickly snap and walk away or else I will buy some.

cat cat - glad you're not sick of it as the food they serve at every bazaar is almost the same.

precious pea - hee hee, hope you enjoy it. Btw, my only complaint abt the roti jala last year was sauce is quite watery though but I remember it was very cheap hence I decided it was still worth it. Kinda rare to find this type of roti jala.

myCoffee said...

Hi boo,
What time does the bazaar start operating and about what time does it close? Thanks.

boo_licious said...

mycoffee - I would think abt 4.30pm to 7.15pm (buka puasa time) or earlier depending on how fast they sell off their food.

daphne said...

should i love u or hate u? hhehhe. i even checked out tiger airways last night... (flight to sg than busride to MY!) unfortunately all the cheap tickets r out. hahha

boo_licious said...

daphne - how can u hate me? *bats her eyelashes innocently*

chenboon said...

first time seeing so many seafood available in Ramadan bazaar...
how u control yourself when there so many delicious food around???

boo_licious said...

chenboon - perfected the skill after 3 years of doing this. Snap pixs and go off quickly before the tummy reacts. Also difficult to carry camera and bags of stuff so usually don't do it unless I have lots of time to browse and snap.

GFAD said...

No such thing as Ramadhan bazaar over here. It's actually pretty quiet. The few times we went out before the breaking of fast, the restaurants and roads were quite empty as everyone seems to be at home waiting to break fast (everyone gets off at 2 or 3pm during this month). I miss the festive atmosphere at these bazaars. Not to mention the smells and sights.

Unknown said...

the balitong is served with some creamy butter sauce? looks finger licking good

Farahz said...

dang! it's only 5p.m. that pics really tempt me out ok.

ICook4Fun said...

How I miss this section 14 Ramadan bazar. Their ikan bakar is the best. The kerang bakar is something new. I am sure it taste really good because of all the chilis. Beautiful pictures, Boo.

Flower said...

Wah kerang and balitong. Sudah 2 tahun tak makan kerang.... Bohoohooo..... :(

Jackson said...

It is really not a good idea to read yr blog early inthe mroning with empty stomach! Where can i find those delicious cockles and durian cendol??? :(

boo_licious said...

kat - I guess they don't go all out like us with lots of food on the street.

kampungboycitygal - balitong masak lemak dearies so give that a try.

farahz - time to hit those stalls!

icook4fun - yes Section 14 is definitely one of the better bazaars around.

flower - oops, I forgot you love kerang as you mentioned before how difficult to get in Perth.

jackson - ask yr binis to take you to Sec 14?

IronEaters said...

lala n satay, cant resist those!

Jessica said...

first time i see so much seafood in a ramadan bazaar....yumyum.....must go this weekend! boo, how do you manage to take so many beautiful close ups? i shy-lah taking pictures and then don't buy....always snap and run, maybe cos i'm a newbie at this!

Salt N Turmeric said...

my dear, the lala and kerang goreng have been ard for some yrs now. i kno since i have to have my fix of esp lala goreng during fasting mth. lol! the problem is usually only 1 stall sells them and they go pretty quick just like popiah basah. sigh.. drooling lagi!

boo_licious said...

ironeaters - always fav.

jessica - used to it I guess but these fellas love it when you snap pixs hence some of them will even pose.

princessjournals - I must admit, didn't notice last time I was there. Maybe they had sold out hence I was lucky to capture the lala goreng at the stall.

anywhere_Smile said...

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