Monday, September 17, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Taman Greenwood @ Gombak, Kuala Lumpur

Cooking Roti John

Sorry for not posting this weekend as the cats didn't feel like posting for WCB this weekend but don't worry, I have another Ramadan Bazaar post. We spent quite some time on Saturday deciding where to go and ended up at the Taman Greenwood one located in Gombak just off Batu Caves.

Pandan Flavoured Putu Mayam

This particular bazaar is huge and said to have 290 plus stalls within the small area. Looking at the stalls jam packed in two plots of land, it does look like a lot. Traffic around the area was horrendous as usual hence we parked across and walked towards the bazaar.

Making pancakes
What I like about this bazaar is the variety they serve. There's also lots of new items I missed last year. One stall which I wanted to get food from was the ikan bakar stall but sadly they are no longer there.

Freshly grated coconut stuffed in pancake

After walking around, we spied unusual food like green coloured putu mayam. Flavoured with pandan juice, these pale green rice flour strands were yummy especially when eaten with fresh coconut and brown sugar. A bit softer than the Indian version but not bad. They steam the putu mayam over bamboo baskets.

Cucur Udang

We also spied a stall owner preparing pancakes. There are a few varieties - with fresh coconut, peanut butter and stawberries. We bought some and really liked the peanut and coconut versions.

Sate Ikan Stall

Something unusual I stumbled upon - Sate Ikan. Each stick costs about 20 sents and is grilled over a tiny charcoal fire. Seems this is an Indonesian food item as the place is well populated with Indonesian immigrants.

Sticks of Sate Ikan

We suspect the fish pieces will taste similar to what is being sold at Keropok Lekor stalls. It's also interesting to see how the stall owner adapted his motorcycle with a small grill filled with charcoal to keep these sticks warm.

Making onde onde

I snapped a picture of this woman who had just finished making onde onde and the stall helper was super happy to be in the picture too.

Mini murtabak stall

Something new we observed is the Mini Murtabak. Makes a change from the usual murtabak and you get more choices since it's sold individually. I think 3 pieces cost RM1 and you get to mix and match. Not too sure since I didn't pay for them.

Close up of murtabaks

Tastewise, not fantastic as it tasted more like crispy roti canai. They weren't too generous with the stuffing hence you only tasted the cripsy murtabak skin.

Colourful Kuih Koci stuffed with ground peanuts

Last but not least, something unusual we saw at the stalls - these bright coloured kuih koci. I liked how they made a mix of pale green and bright pink for the kuih.

Kuih Koci stuffed with fresh coconut shreds

There's two varieties - one wrapped in banana leaf and stuffed with either peanuts or fresh grated coconut.

The bazaar is definitely worth a trip to Gombak as you get to see so many food items. They're also selling Akok here. Although it's my second time here, I had a great time during my
first visit. For those who were dissapointed about no Kek Batik and Creme Caramel at Kelana Jaya Ramadan Bazaar, I did spy a banner which said it's available. Yet to trace the stall but once I do, will snap a picture of the food.

Ramadan Bazaar
Taman Greenwood

(If you come from Jalan Duta, drive straight down Jalan Kuching. Take the elevated highway after Makro and turn left into Batu Caves. Take the lower road towards Gombak. At the traffic light, go straight. The bazaar is on the right hand side of the road, can't miss the smoke and people.)

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Unknown said...

End of fasting month 2006, I was visiting my family in Taiping. I arrved two days before Hari Raya and I couldn't find even stall selling buka puasa dishes.
This year, I'll visit your blog every day. If I don't get a real dishes, the pictures will do. Thank you Boo.
It seems they get crative with kuih koci, huh? :))

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh food! Oh food food food!!! :D

Cat Cat said...

Mini murtabak 3 seringgit... So cheap Boo.
Kuih Koci Oh Kuih Koci!!!

boo_licious said...

anasalwa - usually when it's approaching Raya, the stalls would have packed up and gone home esp those who have made enough monies.

NKOTB - LOL, am sure loads of it in Penang too.

Cat Cat - I think cheap becoz it was not filled with much. Oh well!

K said...


daphne said...

wah. look at the variety again. mini mutabak and pandan putu mayam... i'm so missing out!

chenboon said...

so many delicious food...
the green coloured putu mayam , pancake and roti john look great.
How is the taste of sate ikan actually??

Precious Pea said...

First time seeing some of the kuih. Traditional or modernised?

janisio said...

Hi Boo,
I visited the stalls at Kelana Jaya yesterday. The nasi kerabu & nasi beriani were good (different stalls). The mutton that comes with the beriani rice was tender & flavourful (RM6). I tried looking for the Thai dessert, hoping the lady will cont selling it... but left dissapointed. But the bubur lambuk from one of the stalls was yummy! Kept some for tonite's dinner =)....Selamat berblogging ramadan bazaar!

ling239 said...

Wow... so many choices~
wat about the one at section 14?

boo_licious said...

karen - drool alrite!

daphne - it's hard being away but never mind u can indulge when u return to KL.

chenboon - no idea as we didn't try it but we suspect chewy like Keropok Lekor.

precious pea - some have modern twist to the traditional favs.

janis - I wonder how come the lady did not sell her lap chup. Maybe sold out already. I quite like the nasi kerabu and laksam at one of the stalls there too.

ling239 - that one has yummy popiah basah, ikan bakar from the Jalan Bellamy and sup tulang.

ling239 said...

tks ~ will try to go there this weekend ^_^

boo_licious said...

ling239 - be prepare to wait though for yr popiah! Long queues.

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