Friday, September 14, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Kelana Jaya @ Jalan SS6/1, Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Roti Arab sold with curry

Yesterday marked the first day of fasting for the Muslims and as usual I hit the Ramadan Bazaar to check out the wide array of food. Since I was within the area, I ended up at the Kelana Jaya one. It was packed with people who were eager to check out what the stalls had to offer. Even a reporter was hanging around the area complete with a camera man to interview the stall owners.

Onde Onde or Buah Melaka

One marked difference is some stalls are not at their usual spots hence it makes it slightly harder to trace old favourites. I had to stare for a while at the vendors' faces to recognise which stalls I liked. Some were new and have even changed their stall's image.

Lap Chup - red chili, brinjal and corn

One of the new stalls found at the Bazaar was this one which sold Lap Chup. Made with a filling of steamed green peas and coconut milk, they're decorated to resemble various types of vegetables and fruits.

Lap Chup - Assorted vegetables and fruits

Although they look pretty interesting with their vibrant colours, they're not as tiny compared to the ones you get from Thailand. The ladies who made these are from Haadyai, southern Thailand. They weren't selling too well though as most people had not seen these mini "fruits and vegetables".

Flipping the murtabak skin to wrap the filling

This particular murtabak stall among the many available was making quite a racket at the bazaar as they kept shouting they had murtabak. Severe noise pollution here as the neighbouring stall was also following by announcing to the whole world they sold Roti John.

Kuih Denderam - a new sweet dish at this particular bazaar

Something I have not seen here before - Kuih Denderam. This sweet snack resembles a doughnut but is made from brown sugar. Crispy and sweet, it makes a great way to buka puasa with.

Ikan bakar being grilled on top of banana leaves and a hot plate

The grilled fish ("ikan bakar") stall took a different look this time round. Instead of the van which had a hot plate to cook their fish, they started working under a canopy. They were drizzling oil on the hot plate with a lemongrass brush hence the sizzle of smoke.

A piece of sting ray being grilled

Zooming in on the ikan pari or the stingray, it looked really mouth watering. People were crowding around this stall to get their buka puasa meal.

Ayam Golek stall at the end

Another old favourite, the Ayam Golek stall. Spring chickens are marinated and then roasted on an open charcoal fire.

Each metal pole holds chickens being cooked at varying degrees

There are a few types of machines they use to roast these chickens rotisserie style. Some are stacked on top of each other while this one which uses the traditional charcoal is spread on one layer.

Ayam Kampung Goreng Berempah

Something unusual I found at the Ayam Percik stall, this stall owner had innovatively come up with a new dish. It's just fried ayam kampung but sprinkled with a herbs like cumin seeds and curry leaves to give it more oomph.

Chicken Wings Skewer

This stall owner had a huge chargoal grill to barbeque his chicken wings. Once done, he will keep them on skewers and on the side to keep warm.

Barbeque chicken wings on hot charcoals

This year round, I don't see my favourite Kek Batik and Creme Caramel stall. Hopefully they'll open soon as their Kek Batik which is made from Milo powder, condensed milk and Marie biscuits is excellent. For those who live around the area, you will recognise Nasi Lemak Cikgu who also has a place within Kelana Jaya. There's also the putu piring van from in front of Giant here, the popiah basah from Old Town Petaling Jaya, Mat's Bess Nasi Briyani Gam and Botok Botok, a Johor dish with steamed fish and herbs wrapped in banana leaf. Other stalls which make their yearly appearance here is the Roti John, Roti Boom, Ikan Bakar, Ayam Percik, Nasi Dagang and Kerabu, Bubur Manis, Satar stalls.

I've not taken too many pictures these time round since it's the same stalls. If you wish to see their pictures, click on 2006 and 2005's posts. Hopefully when I'm free during the weekend, I'll explore further to Ramadan Bazaars which I have not covered before. Do feel free to drop a comment on where I should go check out and also what is the must eats of that particular Ramadan Bazaar.

Happy Fasting!

Ramadan Bazaar
Jalan SS6/1
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya

(If coming from the LDP, turn left at the Taman Megah turn off from the highway. Go straight at the first and second traffic lights. Take the first right after the second traffic light. Drive straight down and you will see the bazaar on the left hand side just next to the government quarters. This is just before the small Giant supermarket in Kelana Jaya.)

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Junkgirl™ said...

Looks absolutely delicious. Too bad I'm so far away but at least i can drool over your photos...
Msian food is the best, fullstop.

Coketai said...

I visited all your Ramandan entries all the way back to 2006 and 2005 and I am anxiously looking forward to your 2007 Ramadan entry. I miss so much of all the Ramandan Malay for many many years already...pity me!!!!!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

very fast..haha 1st day and u have already done ur rounds..i dunno if i want to go to the fair and fight for food with those who are very very hungry!..

byl said...

looks yumieee
dat ikan bakar.
my stomach already sound like drum

byl said...

ntah betul o x ayat bi 2
me x bagus in english

What A Lulu said...

i was also looking forward to the kueh batik. the one at kelana jaya has omph!
hope they were resting y'day, and will be there from today onwards.

adrian said...

Wooo the Ayam Kampung Goreng Berempah look great.... rosemary chicken... :D
Hmm so overall where is the best ramadan bazaar.

Unknown said...

Wah .. the ayam kampung goreng berempah and the lap chup looks good! will go check out this weekend.

Cat Cat said...

This is the post that I have been waiting for so long.. Aduhai Boo, seksanya tengok juadah Ramadhan...

jasmine said...

wow, a ramadhan post already. you work fast!

wanderlust said...

boo... was thinking of asking you to post blogs about Ramadan Bazaar before the whole thing is over and we have to drool over your pictures for another year... and here it is!! You certainly not a last action hero! Thanks!! Wow... these pics made me wanna skip work today and brave the traffic all the way to Kelana Jaya... well... will wait till tomorrow then... going to Buka Puasa at the Shangri-La tonite!!

daphne said...

wow, that was quick. Those pictures are really tempting, especially the onde onde and chicken wings... nice!

tankiasu said...

So tempted to take leave just to raid all the buka puasa bazaars!!

Izad said...

Hey! I was here yesterday around 5-530pm! If you come back to this place.. a word of advise.. don't get anything from the Briyani Batu Pahat stall.. Worst RM6 I've ever spent in my entire life.

fatboybakes said...

wow, another year goes by. i remember first being directed to your blog i think about 2 ramadhans ago. time flies.

Unknown said...

whoa,you are really fast, now i know what to buy when i dropped by over the weekends..drooling

Jessica said...

boo, i'm so hungry after seeing your pics and description......will go hunting for ramadan bazaar this weekend to write about and share. i'm used to the ones at tmn tun dr ismail (beside the market) and kerinchi (near the lrt station).

Fulltime Mom said...

I was sorely disappointed with our pasar ramadhan yesterday for a few reasons:

1. my coconut water supplier is missing
2. the briani power house rice no longer has the cili sauce to accompany it
3. i couldn't find a decent stall selling lauk (most of the food looked really commercial)

ahhhh.... will try again today.

Precious Pea said...

Look at those WINGS!! Kelana Jaya, I AM COMING!!!!

MeiyeN said...

i better make sure that i get to visit any of them this year! hopefully during da weekends... actually, which is the best to go for a first timer?

MUSRBT9 said...


i love reading your blog. great picture and info.. :)

Rarebeet said...

I love those little lap chup things! Well, I don't like to eat them but I love admiring at how beautifully made they are. I'm think I'll go check out the stalls near Ain Arabia next week.

chenboon said...

I used to visit Ramadan bazaar when i stay at TBR near Wangsa Maju.
Never visit since move out.
This post make me recall of the interesting & delicious foods during Ramadan.
Ramadan bazaar actually is a good sign for Malaysian, all of us have fun there.
If not mistaken, Taman Melawati's Ramadan bazaar is a good place to explore as well.

ICook4Fun said...

boo, I really looking forward to your Ramadan posting every year. Your food pictures nearly kill me here :) Everything look so good.

mh said...

one of the great series I always looking forward to :-). the chicken wings look really good!

~Christine~Leng said...

yummy yummy! Ramadan Bazaar's food had always tempted lots! tho... have not been to one! *blushing* will hit at least a bazaar soon :)

wmw said...

Yay! It's that time of the year again for Ramadan goodies!

Kiriel du Papillon said...

The Lap Chup look beautiful; do they taste as lovely as they look?

Shazmin said...

Wow! great pictures! my air liur dah meleleh ni!

emush said...

I just happened to stumble upon ur blog.. n im hooked! i love all the food posts n reviews that uve put up. Brilliant! :) Makes me miss authentic Asian cooking esp. Something that we are deprived of, here in OZ land. O well...

Btw, that kueh Denderam is one of our local Brunei kueh which we call Kueh Ardam. its yummyyyy... esp when they make it right. Nice crispy on the outside n moist inside. mmm..

Have a great weekend guys!

Tummythoz said...

Whenever I hit one of this bazaars, I'll overspend and overeat. But extremely happy!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I have not seen this lap chup before, and ikan bakar looks tempting and good!!

teckiee said...

so near my place... dad brought bbq chicken wings for me.. totally love it. Must try the roti arab and lap chup soon.

adli said...

I've never seen lap chup before. definately will try to go ther... huhu...

one question: I noticed some of your recipe calls for cream / heavy cream. you used Bulla's Pure Cream. where can I get those? so far, I've only used whipping cream.


IronEaters said...

the onde-onde just look so delicious! miss those mini delicacy so much. for the "lap chup", r those desserts in Thai? they are beautiful but the coloring is abit scary to me.

sc said...

ahhh.i finally had my fill at KJ ramadan bazaar too!

Jun said...

hey boo! i've always loved the "lap chup" dessert! only had it once or twice when i was younger, and can't seem to find em these days, so if u ever come across anywhere that sells them, pls do blog about them! ;)

boo_licious said...

junkgirl - yeah, this is the time where Msian food comes out in all force.

coketai - poor thing! They sell mainly the same stuff so not hard to miss them every year.

joe - go and see the bazaars if you don't want to fight for food. Definitely an experience not to be missed.

by young lady - hee hee, don't worry we know what u mean as my tummy also growling for that ikan bakar.

what a lulu - I think they're always late. I saw their banner when we drove past last night but need to go search for them.

adrian - kinda depends on what u like but Kelana Jaya has the biggest while TTDI has great briyani and etc.

lianne - hope u did check it out.

cat cat - LOL, very seksa though this time round as everything tends to look finger licking good.

jasmine - I was around and quite lucky to snap pixs quickly before I went for my appt.

wanderlust - wow! Buka Puasa at Shangri-La sounds good. The food there is always good so am sure you'll enjoy yrself.

daphne - must do quickly as usually people go for a the few days/weeks then the interest usually tapers off.

boo_licious said...

tankiasu - LOL, go before they run out of food!

izad - is this the Mat Bess one? I usually get the Kelantanese food one as I love their stuff - laksam, nasi dagang and nasi kerabu.

fbb - sniff! now I feel super old.

kampungboycitygal - hope u had time during the weekend to go.

jessica - TTDI and Kerinchi are good ones. Love the Briyani at TTDI, must go satisfy my cravings for that soon.

fulltime mom - we did SS18 yesterday and thought the food wasn't too great. Didn't see the Tunisian guy, the ikan bakar was overcooked and we felt the Kak Laily's Chicken Rice was nothing special.

precious pea - LOL!

meiyen - go to ones like TTDI, Bangsar or Kelana Jaya as they're pretty established. Try and go early as food runs out quite fast.

thxs mustakim! Hope it helps u.

paprika - wow, Arab stalls sounds very exotic. Do blog abt that then I can see if I want to visit.

chen boon - we went to Wangsa Maju and it's a great bazaar. Food definitely top notch there in terms of taste.

icook4fun - poor dearie but never mind, you can see the yummy pixs this year.

boo_licious said...

tekko - go try them and tell me if nice?

christine leng - always good to explore new things so hope u will try this year.

wmw - yes, must eat lots of yummy Malay goodies.

kirel du papillion - no idea as I'm not much a fan of it. I did feel it was not as dainty compared to the ones in Thailand.

shazmin - after u quit, u have lots of time to hit the bazaars.

emush - thxs for the explaination on the kuih. Hope u won't miss too much of the food since u're in Australia.

tummythoz - must always control but sometimes if see something nice, will end up buying also.

NKOTB - go across the border and there will be loads. Thais like to make it and it's popular with the tourists.

jackson - u better go with yr harem of "binis"!

teckiee - oooh, very good that u tried the wings. It looked good as he did it on charcoal vs the stand up way.

adli - u can get the cream at Bangsar Village's Village Grocers or Cold Storage.

ironeaters - I love onde onde too esp when u bite within and get the burst of gula melaka syrup.

sc - good! Can't wait to see yr post.

jun - think only the thais make it so good to try the Thai stalls in Pandan Indah. If not, get it from these people.

SkyJuice said...

Boo, generally, 'kuih denderam' is called 'kuih peneram'. Not sure who called them 'denderam', though. Some Northerners called them 'Telinga Keling' also. They're good when they had just been fried - still hot from the wok and crispy.

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