Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Brunch @ Home

Aside from lazing around on Sunday, it's also a great day to test out your cooking skills. Some how brunch always seems appropriate during that day probably because you had slept in till late and will wake up with lots of energy.

One Sunday, since we had gotten sausages from a friend, I decided to try them out. I made a typical cooked breakfast you get in the restaurants with scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Since the shop had only shitake mushrooms that day I had used them versus button mushrooms. Although the shitakes has a stronger woody taste, nevertheless they were still tasty. I also experimented with baking an egg in the oven. That was a great idea as you used less oil and didn't need to bother much since it cooks in the oven while you do other things. Do try the scrambled eggs recipe as it makes perfectly creamy and just cooked ones. Just remember patience and a slow fire is needed for creamy scrambled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms (adapted from Flavours Magazine)

1 tablespoon butter or oil
8 fresh button mushrooms, quartered and sliced (you can also use other mushrooms but button mushrooms taste better)

8 eggs
25 grams butter, softened (use real butter and not a spread to get a buttery taste)
8 tablespoons cream (use UHT cream)
30 grams extra butter softened or 50 ml UHT cream
salt and pepper to taste

Cook the mushrooms first by heating the butter or oil in a saucepan. Saute the mushrooms till brown. Dish and set aside while you cook the scrambled eggs.

To cook the scrambled eggs, crack an egg in to a small dish and tip it into a bowl. Do this one at a time to check the freshness of the egg. Fresh eggs have nice plump egg yolks. Discard those which don't look fresh. Once you have eight eggs in the bowl, beat with a fork and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Heat up a frying pan and place butter over low heat. Add the bowl of beaten eggs in the pan. Cook while stirring continously with a spatula to scramble the eggs until the eggs are just cooked and have a creamy consistency. Remove from heat and stir in cream. Then add mushrooms and stir to mix.

Baked Egg in a Dish (adapted from Flavours Magazine)

Preheat oven to 150C. Butter a heat safe dish (use a ramekin as it's nice to serve each individual a portion) and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Crack in 1 egg and bake for 5 to 6 minutes or until the white has set and the yolk is still soft. Add a teaspoon of hot cream or flavoured oil and chopped herbs.


jasmine said...

was planning to cook my mushrooms (which has been sitting in the fridge) this morning too and now you've given me an idea :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Good to have brunch at home... waiting time is a concern if you eat out as well as parking space too... so crowded so many people out there in Penang...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I'd like to make reservations for two next Sunday please. :-P

Northern Babe said...

wow...sure looks deliCious! haha... pretty cool blog you have here... :)

Unknown said...

a good idea to cook the eggs in oven..would love to have a hearty breakfast like this but im lazy :D..

Anonymous said...

hey girl, your blog makes me wanna eat and eat and eat and eat....excellent blog!keep it up!

sc said...

yumz, yumz, yumz! i used to cook sunday brunch when i was staying with am just too lazy to cook for myself..hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

8 tablespoons of cream???...aiks now i know how rich ur scrambled eggs ar.. and also know why mine tastes so yuck!..

boo_licious said...

jasmine - hope this will inspire you!

new kid on the block - yeah, stay at home much better! Can customise the food accordingly to yr taste.

LL - LOL! Sorry, Boo's Cafe closed for renovations already.

northern babe - thxs!

kampungboycitygal - LOL, better to go grab food outside as faster.

this is azra's place - ooops! Hope that means you won't put on lots of weight though.

sc - yr hse so near makan places so no need to cook.

joe - LOL, cream makes it nice or else you add milk? Milk a bit watery though the consistency. It's also lots of butter that makes scrambled eggs yummy.

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! Breakfast looks inviting....will you be sending us an invitation for a breakfast? lol

boo_licious said...

BBO - sorry, cafe closed already. Opened when the mood strikes!

tanalan2 said...

mmm the baked egg looks so inviting. Mixed Herbs ?? As in readied herbs like McCormick Mixed Herbs ???

Ms One Boobie said...

Thanks for the recipe..! i'm gonna try it .. coz' the brat might just eat the eggs.. because of the mushrooms in it.. ;) i love sunday brunch at home.. if the weather is would be perfect.. to sit on our patio.. ;)

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