Monday, September 24, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Bangsar @ Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

I guess I'm hooked on Ramadan Bazaars as I found myself touring the Bangsar one recently. It feels smaller versus last year even though it's at the same location. Old favourites still remain like this Ikan Bakar stall. Unlike the usual Ikan Bakar places, they use a foil packet to cook the seafood within and call it Portugese Seafood. Business must have been good last year as this year they have two hotplates. What's really popular is their sotong or lala goreng on the hotplate for RM5 a portion. Whenever I passed by the stall, there'll be a crowd of people waiting for their food to be cooked.

The ayam percik stall is back again but instead of the corner lot, they have taken a space inside. To ensure their chickens are grilled for the buka puasa crowd, sometimes they start preparing from 2pm onwards. It takes a while for them to set up the stoves filled with hot charcoals and they need to grill about 150 pieces a day.

Once grilled the pieces of chicken are stacked aside. They'll be dipped in the sweet but spicy sauce before serving to the customers.

Here's a new stall which grabbed everyone's attention with their trays and trays of colourful agar-agar.

I really liked the designs of the agar-agar as they look like Modern Art pieces with swirls and hoops.

I loved the colours of some like this bright green and yellow agar-agar. It was tempting to get a few slices but I decided to restrain myself since we had dinner plans.

Besides the agar-agar, the stall was also selling various desserts like Puteri Mandi - multi coloured glutinous rice dumplings mixed in a sweet coconut milk broth flavoured with pandan leaves and topped with freshly grated coconut.

One stall at the end was selling various kuih at a reasonable price - 3 pieces for RM1. I'm always attracted to the sweet green and white colours of the Kuih Seri Ayu. They're quite plain and sponge like with a topping of freshly grated coconut.

Other stalls to look out for is the unique Jala Murtabak which combines roti jala and murtabak fillings and Rojak Singapura with various deep fried items to be chopped and slathered in a spicy but sweet chili sauce with peanuts. To see the other stalls, click on my previous posts in
2005 and 2006

Ramadan Bazaar
Jalan Telawi Satu

(The stalls are located parallel to Jalan Telawi.)

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Cat Cat said...

Those agar2 indeed looks very good and colourfull. I will get the whole tray and finish them in a day or so... I just love agar2...

Unknown said...

OMG... I thought I'll be the first person to comment! cat cat just few minutes earlier than me!!!
HOT BLOG!!! Keep it up!!!

Junkgirl™ said...

Wow...The kuih are so nicely presented. A form of art in itself..

New Kid on the Blog said...

I like the agar-agar.... so colourful!!!

Precious Pea said...

Look at those jellies!! So beautiful. So tempting la those food, how can you refrain from buying. I bought too much yesterday...a lot went to the dustbin...:(

Big Boys Oven said...

I love the way the agar-agar looks.....a true creation!

daphne said...

i feel like a little kid looking at the agar agar. Also amazed with the stack of chicken!

Dana said...

I was there last week too. My bf and I stumbled over this Kelantanese stall that sells all the Kelantanese delights. You should really try the Nasi Kerabu there, is the blue rice type. And the Kerabu on top is quite good, better than some of those off Kota Bharu.

I am suspecting that their percik must be of the Kelantan style: grilled in small pieces, small batch, and layered with a thick rice pink coconut sauce on them.

Why did I say so? Coz it was barely 6pm and they ran out of stock already. Even the percik Ikan was almost sold off when we were there.

ling239 said...

the sotong looks so delicious ~
and the agar agar seems to be getting more and more colourful hahahaaa..... so attractive ^_^

IronEaters said... ayam percik, esp the sauce on it!the agar-agar looks lovely with all the bright colors.but im abit apprehensive in eating coz of the artificial colors.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

part of me loves the agar agar. Part of me thinks OMIGOD FOOD COLOURING. I'm so conflicted. ;-) hahaha

Ginger said...

the agar agar looked simply amazing@!

Jun said...

omg u're rite! those agar2 are quite the picasso art pieces huh? but yeah, i wudn't wanna eat them, firstly cos i dun wanna spoil the art, but oso cos of the too-artificial-looking colouring @_@

Tummythoz said...

To brightly coloured food just don't entice my appetite. Nice eye candy tho.

boo_licious said...

cat cat - you're extra early today?

tripod beta - I guess she must have been waiting for me to post for the week.

junkgirl - yup, very arty I reckon esp the swirls and hoops.

NKOB - I love the look, not sure if I will eat though as a lot of colouring.

precious pea - LOL, I'm pretty used to it hence I don't buy items esp if I go alone to these places since no hands to carry camera and bags of food.

BBO - they're very creative with it. Amazed with the colours.

daphne - crazy that they griled so many chickens!

dana - thxs for the sharing, the Kelantanese stall sounds so delicious. Yum yum!

jackson - must be as if u go at 6pm plus, everything is gone so cannot snap pixs.

ling239 - yeah the sotong looked good. Lots of people waiting for that to be cooked.

ironeaters - hee hee, nice to look at but healthwise not too sure.

allan yap and nigel - LOL, I know the feeling as I liked looking at it but not sure if I will eat it since I don't take much food colouring too!

ginger - I love how they coordinated the colours too.

jun - I know as they looked perfect as is with the swirls and hoops.

tummythoz - they may be terribly unhealthy but they really grab one's attention.

wmw said...

I love kuih cara!

boo_licious said...

wmw - hee hee, when r u going?

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