Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ho Kien Pan Mee @ Lian Heng, SS19, Subang Jaya

I've heard mycoffee from
Sweets for My Sweet rave about this place as her favourite Pan Mee stall. One day, when I was in Subang Jaya, I had the opportunity to give it a try.

Located off the highway on the way to Taipan USJ, it's pretty easy to locate this corner shop at SS19. The shop is pretty empty of food stalls (only 2 to 3 stalls only) and it's evident everyone is here for the Pan Mee. Their version is actually the Mee Hoon Kuay type where they mix the dough and pinch off pieces to cook in a pot filled with boiling stock. This gives the dough a slightly rough and chewy texture that no machine can ever replicate. Sayur manis leaves which is typical in Pan Mee is also cooked in the same pot. Once it is ready, the stall operator will seperate them into individual bowls. Crunchy ikan bilis and a pre-cooked minced meat is then added on top.

Tastewise, it's really good and feels home made with the sweet soup broth. The green chili sauce also has lots of oomph to keep you happy if you like your Pan Mee spicy. Portions are also quite big and priced reasonably at RM3.50 for a small bowl and RM4 for a big bowl. They work on a number system here so when you order your food, they'll assign you a small cardboard with a number to keep track of your order.

If you do dine here, remember to order the fresh sugarcane or coconut juice which is also available. Very refreshing especially after you have taken a bowl of hot pan mee.

Ho Kien Pan Mee
Restoran Lian Heng
22, Jalan SS19/6
Subang Jaya
Petaling Jaya

(Non Halal. Open from 7.30 am to 3 pm and closed on Sundays and public holiday. To get here, take the second entrance to Subang Jaya from the Federal Highway. Go straight and turn left at the first traffic light. Go straight and take the first right turn, the shop is on your right hand side and at the corner facing the stalls in the field.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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New Kid on the Blog said...

:) looks like penang pan mee....

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! So lovely...so divine....so homely.


Unknown said...

just the way i like my pan meen..home made noodles, anchovies , sayur manis and some minced meat..ntg fancy

Jason said...

Simple and nice. The way you describe the sugarcane juice - makes me wanna get a glass now.

fatboybakes said...

hmmm, i always thought only women ate pan mee....
i personally no likey it.

MeiyeN said...

my buddies and i used to come here during our college days... da "pan mee" here really good!!!!!! :D i especially like da dried version ;)

daphne said...

oooo.. how is the chilli? A good pan mee must have good chilli too!!

backStreetGluttons said...

how come our usj male kaki never talks about this one ?
maybe fbb is right , pop. only with ladies althoug some make damn good limey fragrant sambals

backStreetGluttons said...

we love your still very instantly visible comments board.
Cheers to freedom of
eat-xpression !

Jun said...

ah... that's prolly the only pan mee stall i ever patronise if i have a craving for it :> did u hav to wait long? cos if u go around 1130-1200 it's usually a long wait :(

btw if u're in the vicinity again, do chk out the porridge stall at the coffeeshop behind lian heng. that chap (who so happens to be my hairdresser's hubby *LOL*) serves good fish porridge and diff kinds of soups too. also, chk out the nasi lemak and char bee hoon stall in parkway (the corner coffeeshop near the main road). altho it's been awhile since i had it, i remember it was one of the better ones ;)

tanalan2 said...

YeahI agree that it serves nice Pan-meen.Bt its more of the commercial type as opposed to home cook style. But i agree its better than the rest available. But for hime-cooked style ,i like the one in Taman Berkerly in KLang better. PM me i can bring u there if u wanna . !!!


RayChung22 said...

For those in KL, if you like pan-mee, make sure you also check out this joint behind Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. They are known for the special chili sauce and great balls. I'm not sure of the address, but use to go there when I was working around there. It's a little far for me to go there for lunch these days. :)

boo_licious said...

new kid on the block - I didn't know Penang had Pan Mee as I'm always too busy eating Char Kuey Teow and Assam Laksa there.

BBO - time to make some at home?

kampungboycitygal - wonder how this will compare with yr Balakong one.

Jason - good way to cool down.

fbb - LOL, pass u the char siu instead rite? You better go try the Sunway Mas one, very divine.

meiyen - wow! seems to a popular hangout for u.

daphne - lots of kick! Very good for those who like to sweat it out.

team bsg - wow, I got double comments tday! Yes, comment boxes must be around for various parties to express their opinions abt this place.

jun - thxs for the porridge tip!

tanalan2 - hmmm, everytime I mention Pan Mee, you say Berkeley is a must try. Yet to go down all the way, must try and make a trip down.

rayc22 - u're talking abt Kin Kin I think. Great stuff but getting pricier by the minute though.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh yes, Penang does have... But hard to find a good one though.

Big Boys Oven said...

hehehehe i really fancy doing that...can I invite you too, I will make sure we get siew long pau's sambal belacan.

wmw said...

Hardly eat homely pan mee like this anymore, been eating at Kin Kin...time for a change, perhaps ;o)

Ms One Boobie said...

Pan Mien is one of my favourite hawker food.. :) i've always associated them with the "healthier" food.. ;) i donch know why.. but that was how i felt.. when i used to have it.

boo_licious said...

new kid - too busy eating CKT though so no room for Pan Meen!

BBO - wow, xiu long bao's sambal sounds like kick ass stuff.

wmw - Kin Kin is once in a while but these ones I can eat all the time.

mama bok - yeah kinda healthy as the soup is plain and very "homey"

ZMM said...

I think I'd heard of this before, but never got to try it yet b'cos we always go there on Sunday.

Pst, do you always ask the stalls when they are opened and closed? But this is useful info for us though. :P

Btw, have you tried the famous Berkeley pan mee (wait time min 30mins), and Section 17 pan mee (ball then press into pieces)?

They are good too.. esp Berkeley one.

boo_licious said...

zara's mama - I tried the Berkeley one long ago when I was a kid. Not heard abt the section 17 one, where is this?

hurricanemax said...

Its almost as good as the one in Lorong Haji Taib, chowkit...except that the owner kinda got carried away with their number/Q system...i was there at 11am or so, one of the 2 person to order and i still need to take a number! hahahaha...strict SOP!

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