Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Shah Alam @ Section 13, Shah Alam Stadium

Braving the dull skies, we made it to the Shah Alam stadium which was packed with people since it was the weekend. This time round, there were fewer stalls here - previously there were 4 rows of stalls, this year only 3 rows.

One of the stalls which grabbed my attention was this unique ayam golek stall. Instead of just turning the spring chicken rotisserie style, this stall had taken it one step further by using spatchcocked chickens i.e. split and butterflied. They had attached an individual netting for each chicken on a large metal rod. These rods are turned automatically and continously by using a motor with a portable generator.

Known simply as Ayam Bakar Madu Asli Zaharah, the stall had loads of people waiting for the batch of chickens. As it had rained earlier on, they were behind schedule with insufficinet charcoal. This particular stall trades from pasar malams in Bandar Baru Bangi and it's their first time in Shah Alam. By butterflying the chicken, it cooked faster and tasted juicy and succulent. A bit pricey at RM17 but really yummy stuff which we had for dinner.

This is one thing I love for it's aromas - sotong bakar. Thin slices are grilled to make it crispy.

Once ready, the sotong pieces are slathered with chili sauce and sprinkled with lots of crushed peanuts.

This was pretty unusual - roti goreng. It's actually a bun filled with beef cooked in chili sauce that has an outer layer like popiah which is deep fried. Tastewise, not bad as the bun within is tender with the crispy outer layer.

My favourite - nasi kerabu tinged blue. You can add whatever you like whether it's daging salai or solok lada - stuffed green chilies with fish paste.

I always love these big woks filled with rendang to the brim. They look good and are used to keep the rendang warm.

This is for one of my readers, Dhill who left a message earlier on asking about where to get Popiah S.S. Ali. They have a van here selling their ever famous popiah basah. Long queues as ever waiting for it. This year they seem to have downsized as last year they had two vans here. I suspect they may have placed the other van at another Ramadan Bazaar.

Something unusual - Pecal Tanjung Karang for RM2. This lady was seen continously wrapping the pecal in banana leaf parcels for people to take back.

This version which is from Kuala Selangor has various types of vegetables and nasi impit or compressed rice cubes served with a peanut sauce. Usually the versions from Indonesia is served without any rice.

This particular Roti John stall came highly recommended hence we stopped by to try it.

Thumbs up as it was the best Roti John we tasted so far with a minced beef and egg topping the soft bread rolls.

Spied two stalls selling Nasi Pattaya which is fried rice wrapped in an omelette like a parcel. One even sold it with a piece of fried chicken that looked very tantalising.

This stall was selling their version of Kuih Akok, the Kelantanese delicacy made with lots of eggs and is quite sweet.

It's unlike the usual shape as their version is thicker and rounder.

They were also using the same moulds to make Kuih Cara Berlauk whereby minced beef and chopped chilies is added to the batter.

I remember this particular kebab stall from last year. They're doing booming business this year but you will need to wait it out as they cook in batches.

The chicken kebabs looked really good with tomatoes and bell peppers stuffed between chunks of chicken.

I didn't manage to any pictures of sweet items except for these fresh dates as most of the items were gone by the time we arrived. Unlike last year, there's also not many variety and only one agar agar stall compared to about three stalls. Other stalls like the cendol pulut and tapai stall is still around. There's also a lot of stalls this year selling hot soy bean milk. See the
2006 and 2005 posts on the bazaar for further details of the other stalls.

Ramadan Bazaar
Shah Alam Stadium
Section 13
Shah Alam

(The bazaar is located at the car park of the Stadium and is in between the newly opened Tesco Extra and Giant supermarket. There's ample free parking available)

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Junkgirl™ said...

Msian cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisine ever, blending all the cultures.
Looking at your blog, I realised that there are still lots of Msian food that I've never tried or even seen before. Thanks for your effort

Cat Cat said...

Wah, those chicken kebab, I can eat 10 sticks, Boo... Looks so good...

Boo, I have a little request. Next Ramadhan visit, kasi tangkat gambar air bandung (minuman) sikit, boleh..??? HEHEHE!

c'est la vie said...

Great Job once again, being an amateur photographer, I must say pciture #1 tells more than just a grilled chicken. congrats, I read your blog every day.

ling239 said...

i love those blue color nasi kerabu too ~ ^_^

Jason said...

The sotong bakar so mouth-watering...

New Kid on the Blog said...

the roti goreng looks interesting.

rapheydhillo said...

just went there yesterday after a friend of mine confirmed that SS Ali Popiah available at Sec 13.

great job!! thanx.

Unknown said...

had my first nasi kerabu yterday..bought it from TTDI bazaar ramadhan..it was absolutely delicious and I feel healthy with all the raw vegs

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! my rooster is on fire!!! help! help!...lol

Mama Safiyyah said...

hai....i'm new to your blog but u've done a great job.
have u been to the taman melawati ramadhan bazaar? it's kinda cool....u should try tauhu annora and they've got the best akok and tepung pelita (i'm a kelantanese, i know!)
as for restaurant, you should try Zohara's also in Taman Melawati. it's next to the Damai Hospital.....not attractive area but the food, especially the manggo lassi is really superb......
also check out leha kelfood in taman melati (near 7eleven-u can see it from the highway from taman melati to taman melawati).....the kelantan food there is very yummy though a bit pricey......
i love to try out new places n food too.....will inform u of the other places later.....
keep up the good job!

Muna said...

oohh yumm!!!
been looking all over for sotong bakar!!!drool drool!!
must get my *ss to the bazaar soon to get those yummilicious sotong bakar, the akok, the kebab too..and oh dear!!!and no i'm not pregnant!!!hahaha!!

thanks for this really useful info!
love your mouth watering photos!hehehe!

Indonesia Eats said...

"This version which is from Kuala Selangor has various types of vegetables and nasi impit or compressed rice cubes served with a peanut sauce. Usually the versions from Indonesia is served without any rice."

As I know, Indonesian version of pecel is served with lontong or rice

boo_licious said...

junkgirl - one shld try everything or else how to call ourselves as Msians.

cat cat - will try at the next ones I go too.

cest la vie - thxs! Keep reading even though we're not doing Ramadan bazaars this week.

jackson - u go explore yr back yard? Near yr office so can go after work.

ling239 - the ones in Kelantan even more colourful.

Jason - the smell also very nice!

NKOTB - ok only, a novelty I reckon.

dhill - glad u found it!

kampungboycitygal - cool, sounds very yummy. I like it with the solok lada.


shireen - thxs for the tip. Is this Melati place in front of the MRR2? Went there once for Nasi Dagang.

muna - sotong bakar seems to be around shah alam and subang area. They also have a stall in SS18 Subang Jaya's ramadan bazaar.

andaliman - sigh! this is what the lady told me. Must admit I've not tried Pecal even though it's so available in Kg Baru nowadays. Thxs for the tip.

冰冰-ping said...

owh!!! i love nasi kerabu and roti jon...!
can't wait to eat this again...!it's hardly to get it normally except for ramadan month...especially for the nasi kerabu!

Mama Safiyyah said...

yup....u musve been to ulik mayang? that's another shop.....leha kelfood is next to 7eleven....and few doors away is a restaurant selling NILE food......i like!

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