Monday, July 09, 2007

Prawn Mee & Assam Laksa @ Seapark Market, Petaling Jaya

It always amazes me how food stalls open at the most unlikely places but still get packed with people. This particular stall in front of the Seapark market is a great example. Once the wet market stalls close for business, they start their food business at the side of the market. Depending on which part of the market you sit at, you sometimes catch the "aroma" of the market. My advice to you if you wish to dine here is to pack back the food which is pretty good unless you find the right spot without any smells.

Run by a couple, the wife is the one who usually ladles out the assam laksa while the husband takes care of the prawn mee. I couldn't snap a picture of the stall as it's always blocked with cars packed in front of it. Both items are equally popular and really good. The prawn mee is the dark brown broth type which is not thick but fragrant being cooked with prawn shells and pork bones. I liked the assam laksa here, thick with a nice balance of sourness. At this stall they use mambong fish which they will add two pieces if you order a small bowl. Prices are reasonable with a small bowl starting from RM3.50. If you add extra ingredients, it can go up to RM5 a bowl.

Besides this stall, there is also a drinks stall at the further end which also sells Ais Kacang. There used to be a man also selling char kuey teow here but recently I have not seen him around so I have no idea if his stall still exists.

Assam Laksa and Prawn Mee Stall
In front of Sea Park Market
At the corner of Jalan 21/ 17 and Jalan 21/11A
Sea Park
Petaling Jaya

(Non Halal. Starts from noon onwards and throughout the afternoon. Closed on Mondays. To get here, if you start from the Rothmans roundabout (now in front of BAT), go twelve o' clock if coming from section 17. Go straight and take the first right, go up the hill. You will pass by Next Car which sells Ferraris and Maseratis on your left hand side and Caltex station. At the traffic light, go straight and pass by a Shell Station on your right. Make a right turn at the Shell station, go straight. This road is Jalan 21/17 and you will see the market on your right hand side. Take a first right, the stall is at the corner of the market. Opposite the market is also
Soo Kee which sells Ipoh Hor Fun, prawn wantan and poached chicken. For a map click on the Sun link at the Soo Kee's post.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Thanks for the guided tour last nite. I can now explore all these places that you mentioned, with confidence!! hehe.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

another area that i rarely venture too..i think u shud start doing food tours/crawls at the PJ will do well haha..

Unknown said...

:-) this is my upmost favourite Assam Laksa place. Order from her in Penang Hokkien and she will spoon you extra, extra fish hehehe ..

ling239 said...

Hi Hi
i used to go there late in the afternoon hoping and praying hard that the market smell is not so strong... :p

boo_licious said...

lemongrass - yes, this place can be added to the list of must trys around the area.

joe - only if u take us around cheras, ok?

lianne - aiyoh! I don't speak Penang Hokkien or else I can get extra stuff in my laksa.

ling239 - it depends on where u sit. Nearer to the florist I reckon as the smell seems to be non existent there.

myCoffee said...

I was told that it used to be better. It seems like now, quality is not very consistent.

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