Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fruit Rojak @ Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Short post for today as I'm kinda feeling tired. Not sure if all of you are feeling the effects of the hazy, hot and humid weather but I feel like moving to the North Pole right now. Today was kinda better as we had a short rain storm - felt so blissful when the wind was blowing and the rain fell. Unfortunately it got hot really quickly after the rain dried up.

Last week since everyone made a hoo hah about the Atria fruit rojak man, I decided to make a visit here. Kinda good too since I discovered the Big Bookshop sale and picked up more reading material.

The rojak man is actually in front of a small food court on the side of Atria, Damansara Jaya. Next to him is a van which sells soya bean milk and curd that is pretty good too. Unlike the other place, the sauce is not so thick but extremely fragrant. If you're eating there, you can choose to sit at the food court stalls. Do beware of the territorial issues as it's a no-no to eat the tau foo fah there as the food court has their own drinks stall.

Back to the rojak, I liked the sauce and the fruits which tasted really fresh and juicy. Cut in quite big sizes, it's really nice sprinkled with lots of crushed peanuts. He adds a cracker first and places the fruits on top of it. One thing I didn't quite like is the sauce tends to get liquid quickly with the cut fruits oozing out their juices. Maybe I wasn't eating fast enough? If you pack back the rojak, he seperates the sauce and crackers in different plastic bags which is a better idea.

Rojak Stall
At the side of Atria Shopping Centre and in front of the food court
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya

(Pork Free. Available from 10.30 am to 5pm daily. Days off not fixed. Prices are RM3 for a small portion.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.


Big Boys Oven said...

Are we now on rojak craze? Sounds like it! I stumbled onto one rojak stall at jalan chow kit which I think is good!

boo_licious said...

chow kit rojak sounds yummy! Pray tell where so I can go search for it.

Big Boys Oven said...

boo: Let me check my computer.....Got it... I am sure you know Tian Ya Ker Mee Cendawan,Chow Kit, they set up another stall beside it selling rojak buah, tauhu bakar and Popiah.

Joy-Joy said...

hi. i need your help. would you pls help me translate this phrase in english "lengkap dengan bumbu"
thanks a lot.
pls email me thanks.

myCoffee said...

So which do you think is better? This or the previous one you reviewed before, the uncle in Taman Tun who also sells in Damansara?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Floggers can't move to northpole cus we will end up eating sashimi only everyday ;p

So far the best kl rojak i had is from seng lee restaurant, damansara heights. The gravy is just nice and not too thick like the lil penang kafe's one.

Jason said...

I woke up this morning just to notice it rained last night :P The rojak looks great.

Tummythoz said...

Oh, TQ for d reminder. Think there's still rojak sauce in my fridge - packed from Penang.

Precious Pea said...

The rojak nice rite? Long time didn't go there oledi, will pop by this weekend. Oh yah, do take care especially with such weather. Yesterday my house was terribly smell of smoke!

Unknown said...

i thought it was only me, it was so humid yesterday that i got a haircut

UnkaLeong said...

Hey right in my backyard! BEst washed down with Tau Cheong Soi sold by the vendor next to him :)

teckiee said...

i still remember that Tau Cheong Soi stall started selling on a bike.. now a van! to eat chicken rice at the food court and then follow up with rojak

Jackson said...

arr... boo.. i wan rojak!!

boo_licious said...

big boys oven - ah, that's a nice combo. the yummy mushroom mee and rojak.

joy joy - hope the translation was helpful.

mycoffee - this one is better as the taste is milder. The other one can be overpowering as it is too thick. Only problem is must eat quickly as the fruits emit quite a lot of juice.

xiu long bao - LOL! I don't think u will want sashimi in North Pole as it will be too cold. Seng Lee's rojak is nice, I love it too since I've eaten it all these years.

jason - lucky you! No rain on my side.

tummythoz - grrr, sounds yum since sauce is from penang.

precious pea - so hot! I hate the weather. Yes, time to revisit uncle and get yr fix.

lianne's blog - I keep putting my hair up everyday until it's no longer straight!

unkaleong - can eat this soon when u're home for good.

teckiee - didn't know abt the chicken rice. Thanks for the tip. I love the tau cheong soi also.

jackson - taman eng ann also got rite? ask yr bini no 2 to take u?

FatMan Seoul said...

My fav Rojak is the motorcycle stall in front of that fried kway teow place in Damansara Heights (behind Hock Lee Mini Market). If that's the one you guys were referring to in the above posts, then YEAH!!! That's the one!

Julian Si said...

Heh heh, made a trip specially to DJ to try out the combo of ...

1) Chicken Rice
2) Rojak
3) Washed down with some Soya Bean

Great combination :-) I agree with Teckiee!!

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