Friday, July 06, 2007

Nasi Ayam Kampung @ Medan Selera, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Don't you love food recommendations? I asolutely love them as it often leads to all things yummy. Some of you may know of this stall as I found out they're part of a few stalls which are super famous among the Malay community. Their sister outlets serve similar items at the Velodrome Cheras, Puchong, Restoran Hasan at Taipan Subang Jaya, Awan Besar Rest Area, Bandar Tun Razak, Maluri and etc. The Velodrome Cheras stall is really popular with long queues. Every outlet share various central kitchens which cook the curries and dishes. Ayam Kampong is fried on the spot at each stall. For this stall, they share the same kitchen as Restoran Hasan.

Located in the Medan Selera at Kampung Baru, this place is on the same road as the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital staff quarters. Come early to savour the food here as food tends to run out quite fast especially the lala. Even on a Sunday which is the day I visited this place, there was a queue of people waiting patiently for the stall to start business.

The style of food served here is Minang as the owners are from Kelantan. Usually dendeng is popular in Minang food, here it's served with a creamy percik sauce. Although the beef is quite tough, I liked how the creamy sauce softens the slightly chewy texture.

The star of the show is of course the ayam kampung. These free range chickens are deep fried on the spot and taste so finger licking good. The friend who recommended us this place loves the fried chicken here and is known for taking two pieces for lunch.

For me, I absolutely loved the lala masak lemak. I didn't know this was famous but after glancing at other tables, I saw huge plates of this hence we ordered it. Really good stuff especially the sweet curry that was so good with a plate of white rice. Be warned as this runs out quickly. After we finished our satisfying meal, we had gone back to the counter to pack some food home and this was almost finished.

We also ordered a side dish of deep fried ikan bilis and peanuts to try which was good. A slightly sweet sauce coats the crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts.

I ordered my favourite vegetables - pucuk pakis (fern shoots). The best part about this dish is no woody stems which I absolutely hate. It's quite plain since they just cook it with garlic and a bit of chilies.

If you love Malay food, drop by here as the food is definitely worth the trip. It's also pretty easy to get here from the middle of town versus Subang Jaya. Only problem is parking can be quite limited to spaces across the medan selera so be patient when eating here. Do remember to tune in this weekend for the kitty update and an excellent idea to perk up your breakfast or brunch.

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Nasi Ayam Kampung
35 Medan Selera
Lorong Raja Muda
Kampung Baru
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2694 8306

(Open for lunchtime only and closed on Fridays. The medan selera is just next to the stadium. )


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mayb i might just drop by the velodrome cheras near me!..the chicken looks good..haha 2 pieces is so little lar..kfc alr eat 3 pieces heheeh

boo_licious said...

joe - I heard that one is super famous as everyone goes there. Er, 2 pieces of chicken plus all the lauk and rice is not little though.

iznina said...

weekend bukak x?

boo_licious said...

izaida - yes open during weekends. I went on a Sunday and it was packed with people.

tankiasu said...

Oh I love chicken!! Must go try the one in Cheras. Joe bila wanna go together? ;)

Btw, I thought Minang ppl usually can be found in Negeri Sembilan? :P

MeiyeN said...

wow boo, you really go everywhere for good food! i salute you.. :D i think i should try da one at taipan 1st cause not familiar with kg.baru :)

Jason said...

How come I didn't notice it when I passed by Velodrome Cheras eh??

boo_licious said...

tankiasu - this is free range chicken so not much meat and the taste is different from the chicken kept in the cages. Minang food is from Negeri Sembilan but this version is similar to the famous Hoover Restaurant in Kelantan.

meiyen - the taipan one is a restaurant but parking is terrible there.

jason - it's inside? No idea as I have not been there before.

jasmine said...

ditto about loving food recommendations! this sounds good!! i think i'll head over to taipan to try their food soon.

wmw said...

I like pucuk paku too! Same with brussel sprouts! Yay!

boo_licious said...

jasmine - hope u like it. It's around the Taipan shophouses.

wmw - Same veges I love too. Ah, next time we can share this if we do an outing.

Lee said...

Look at this link, incredible. I will go to this Ayam Kampong restaurant now

. said...

I like nasi ayam kampung.

najib said...

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