Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 7

Yippee, it's the weekend and the cats will be taking over this space. (sorry no food postings until Monday as the kitchen is closed!) Poor kitties, they were all so shell shocked last night as there were fireworks nearby. All of them ran helter skelter to avoid those large boom boom sounds. Luckily it was on for a short while and life continued normally after that.

This is Ally with her soft toy friends aka Scooby Doo and Beanie Cat. She loves to lounge at this wooden long chair with the silk cushions and her friends. I picked her up as a stray when she was just a wee little kitten and she has been a bundle of fun since then. Initially she used to stay with my dad but now she has decided to live with me and the other two rascals. Unfortunately she does not get along with Kits who sometimes teases her mercilessly. Occasionally they'll chase each other around the apartment just like those Indian movies dances till they are exhausted.

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Here's Ally looking all tired out from her "photo session" and basically giving me her buzz off look that says go away as I want to sleep!

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Do join us for the weekend cat blogging if you have any gorgeous pictures of your kitties by sending me a link to your website in the comments box.

Clare from Sydney has posted her cutie pie,
Kiri's pictures when he was small and Farmgirl from Missouri has an interesting story about the cute and innocent looking Molly. Farmgirl has also put up pictures of Gretel while Barbara from Ohio has a bed full of cute cats. Dagmar and her lovely cat, Tanuki from Sweden has just joined us and we hope to see and hear more about her cats in the future. More new entries this weekend, Mrs. D from Washington's Belly Timber joins us with a picture of her mighty fierce kitty.

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