Friday, July 15, 2005

SHF 10 - Honey Mousse with Honey Mango Sauce

It's Sugar High Friday today, the event which originated from the Domestic Goddess that gives me the perfect excuse to try out something sweet. This month, it is hosted by Nic from baking sheet and the theme is Honey.

I am pretty excited as it's my first time participating in this event. Moreover I rarely use honey for my desserts that I was itching to try a new thing. I usually keep honey in my larder to drizzle them over my porridge oats or when I am struck down by the flu bug. Nothing cures me better from those flu aches and pains than a cup of hot honey and lemon.

I thought for a long time on what I wanted to make - should I make a honey cake, a honey tart, a honey biscuit, indulge in some nougat or pannetone? Well, I finally settled for a simple honey mousse which sounded dreamy with it's white chocolate and cream base. It looked a bit plain so I decided to top it up with a sauce made from honey and fresh mango puree. Perfect combination as the sauce complemented the creamy sweet mousse. Splashie Boy loved it so I reckon I'll be making more of this in the future.

The only downer was my mousse was a bit soft, not sure if my proportions of the gelatine were enough as I did halve the recipe to suit the two of us. It was also my first time turning out my mousse from the ramekin, so that took a bit of juggling but it came out perfect albeit a bit wobbly.

The other challenge was taking a picture of the mousse, it looked plain and Splashie Boy said it resembled a hamburger! My apartment does not get much natural light so I decided to take my dessert outside and took a snap at the poolside. It created an interesting effect as there was a reflection at the pool on top and the light seemed to just highlight my mousse.

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I was slightly more successful inside especially at night when I took the picture below. My mousse seems to be glistening with the coated honey mango sauce that I am now hungry for a fresh batch already.

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Honey Mousse (from Sweet Temptations, Australian Womens Weekly)

40 grams butter
5 eggs, separated
135 grams white chocolate (I used Lindt)
60 ml honey (I used Manuka Honey)
2 teaspoons gelatine
2 tablespoons water
300ml thickened cream (I used Bulla's Pure Cream)

Coat 6 x 1 cup (250ml) ramekins with cooking oil spray. (I buttered them instead as I did not have any cooking oil spray). Combine butter, egg yolks, chocolate and honey in a medium pan, stir over heat without boiling until the chocolate melts. Transfer mixture to a large bowl. Meanwhile sprinkle gelatine over water in cup, stand in a small pan of simmering water, stir until the gelatine dissolves. Stir it into the chocolate mixture, cover bowl and cool to room temperature.

Fold whipped cream into chocolate mixture. Beat egg whites in medium bowl with electric mixer until soft peaks form, fold into chocolate mixture in two batches. Spoon mixture into prepared ramekins. Refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight. Turn mousses on plate to serve.

For the honey mango sauce: cut a mango and blend the mango flesh. Mix some honey in with the mango puree to taste. Add a touch of lime to prevent it from going brown.

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