Saturday, July 16, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging 6

I recently discovered Clare's blog from Sydney and was enthralled with the pictures of her bee-yoo-ti-ful cat, Kiri. She has also started this weekend cat blog, where you get to share pictures of your cats (so please join us) and wow, those cat pictures are also cute. I always have quite major problems taking my kitties' pictures as they're just not the kind to sit and let me snap them. I'm slowly building a collection of their pictures as and when they're in the mood to sit still.

Quite a number of people have been curious about my nickname boo_licious and one person actually asked Splashie Boy if it was short for booty_licious! To clarify matters up, it's just a mix of my cat's name, boo and the word delicious. I had to add the underscore as Blogger would not take boolicious since it was registered before.

Here's boo playing with a mangosteen she nicked from the plate when I was photographing the fruit for my salad entry. Ever so curious, she was fascinated with the smell and the shape. In fact, she wanted to play with it like one of her balls. Being the youngest cat in the household, she gets away with murder and is extremely "manja" (Malay for pampered, I think this is the translation as my Malay is hopeless). An interesting fact about her name, she actually picked it out herself. The story goes....when she was a small kitten, she loved to sit at the space between my LCD screen and the computer keyboard. One day, she stretched and touched the keyboard and accidentally typed the word "boo" on my MSN Messenger so we decided to name her that. She still likes to sit at that little space even though it is a tad cramped since she has grown so big already.

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