Saturday, July 09, 2005

HaVe a CuP of TeA

I was so massively depressed yesterday after reading all those accounts of the London bombing that I honestly had no mood to blog about food. After hearing about the bomb blasts, immediately tried to contact Ms. P to check on Ms. C who lives and works in London. Heard from Mr. D, Ms. P's other half that she is A-okay. Not sure about Ms. D since she is quite slow in replying her emails but I am sure she must be busy helping out with the victims if her hospital is involved. Hope the rest of the people I know who live in London or around it is also okay. Incidentally, while watching the BBC coverage on the bomb attacks, saw one ex-university mate as he is now a BBC reporter reporting at the scene.

After reading the accounts of the people who were in London and also Cheat Eat's posting on boiling the kettle, I guess it is true that in the face of anything bad, the Brits will always put the kettle to boil for a cuppa. Believe me, it works as I had done that gazillion times when I was studying there, you just sit down with a hot cup of tea in your hands, pour out your troubles to your friend and everything seems a bit more bearable. Life goes on and the Brits has shown to the world that this act of terrorism will not change their way of life so I am following their great example and this blog goes on.

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