Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Sorry for the long absence but since we had Net issues arising from the Taiwan earthquake, I decided to take a long break. I was all geared up to start blogging this morning but couldn't get in to Blogger. Hope I don't get a crash down tomorrow either as the newspapers are warning of Net congestion when everyone gets back to work.

I hope all of you had a great break and celebrated New Year with lots of partying or just mingling among friends and families. Will upload pictures of the scrumptious food we had for New Year at my friend's place later on - believe me, everything was good.

On another issue closer to home, do think about the flood victims in Johor. Try and contribute time, monies or even donate items to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) to help out (all the details on how you can contribute are in the link to MRCS's site). Every little bit helps them. Splashie Boy followed MRCS last Saturday to Segamat to deliver supplies and witnessed some of the after effects (if you look hard enough at the link above, you can spy him in the picture). Although most of the water levels receded, some low areas are still unpassable unless with heavy vehicles and villages are cut off. The flood victims were grateful to receive the supplies and impatient for the flood waters to recede for them to get on with their lives. No pictures as yet but do check out
TV Smith's pictorial essay. Most of those images were seen by Splashie Boy that day. Will upload the pictures they took that day once I get them from a friend.

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Anonymous said...

With the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan, the internet is noticeably slower in Asia.

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