Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Feasting

It's been a slow process uploading pictures throughout the night. First uploading was an issue then Blogger threw a small fit. Hopefully everything is okay.

This New Year celebrations was a good time to eat lots of yummy food and catch up with friends. My friend threw a Pie and Pasta party whereby she cooked everything and it was so good. Only thing she didn't make was dessert and this Indian snack we loved i.e the Muruku. It's a really good mix as the crispy shreds were thin and I liked the nuts it had mixed inside. The red bits were slightly sweetish which complemented the whole crispy and slightly spicy taste.

She made two pies in her brand new oven - one which was a vegetable one with tomatoes and leeks. I liked the flavours of this pie as the tomatoes complemented the egg and cheese mixture.

The second pie had lots of leeks and salmon in it making it a yummy biteful.

Keeping up with the theme, the spaghetti was kept plain and tossed with tomato sauce or a mix of ground chillies, garlic and onion. You add the following side dished to complement your pasta.

Plain sauteed mushrooms is always a favourite which adds lots of oomph to the pasta.

We also had a selection of mixed roasted vegetables with capsicums, aubergines, onions, pumpkin and etc.

I loved the roast chicken, it was nicely deboned already so at the end, we were just hanging around the table finishing it up with our fingers.

Splashie Boy's favourite - lamb and beef meatballs. He had to pack some home for his lunch time as he loves meatballs.

We had salad with lots of mesclun leaves, purple long beans and pea sprouts. Those purple long beans are a Japanese vegetable and it's really nice in a salad as they're crunchy.

My absolute favourite which I helped finish up for the night - brussel sprouts and chesnuts. Most people hate brussel sprouts (Splashie Boy shudders when he sees them) but I love me sprouts. I used to buy them and stir fry them during my student days with a touch of sesame seeds. My British flatmates used to think I am mad for liking them.

We had to end with a bang for the night and since we didn't have fireworks like the next door neighbours, we had this scrumptious Chocolate Banana Strawberry cake my other friend made. It's banana cake with layers of strawberries and chocolate ganache. Yummy stuff as it's not so sweet. This was accompanied with lots of spiked home made daiquiris.

I'm sure all of you had a great time partying away so I can't wait to see everyone's new year pictures. Hopefully the Net does not play up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

wow..soooooooo much of food!!! you must had a great new year celebration :D happy new year to you & splashie boy!

boo_licious said...

Happy New Year Mei Yen! Yup, it was a good spread and lots of vegetables esp my fav sprouts.

Anonymous said...

argh, this new blogger is exasperating. just lost my comment.

i love brussel sprouts too. i think it is so underated, so unfairly treated with disdain and contempt.

the food looks lovely. is the banana cake a normal banana cake interspersed with ganache and strawberries? does banana and strawbrry go well?

Anonymous said...

Me too! I love brussel sprouts! I'm hungry, haven't had lunch yet and looking at all these pics is not helping me! Ha ha ha....

boo_licious said...

fatboybakes - yeah, everything is slow! Can't open my yahoo mail the whole day. Yippee, I have companions who love sprouts. It's just that most people associate them with soggy socks but I love them cooked just right.

Yeah, it's a normal banana cake with cut strawberries in the middle and ganache on top. Very nice. Alternatively you can make it with cream cheese frosting.

wmw - sorry for making u hungrier but when my friend cooks, we pile it on as the food is always yummy. Another sprouts fan!

Anonymous said...

I lurve brussel sprouts! Plain boiled is fine for me! Happy New Year!!! Cheers to more glorious food!

rokh said...

wow seemed like you had a great time! that cake sure beats any fireworks for me! happy new year

santos. said...

ohhhh you're making me so hungry, per usual! happiest of new years to you! may all your days be just as delicious as this one.

Anonymous said...

What a yummy spread!!! Especially all the veg. They look good! Anyways, Happy New Year to you!

Unknown said...

I wana have potlucks too..used to do it for our sec school mate gathering..the food looks good esp the meatballs..tell spashie boy i want some

Fulltime Mom said...

Happy New Year boo, and too Splashie Boy too.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good!
... especially the chocolate cake.

Happy New Year to you!

boo_licious said...

paprika - Happy New Year! I like them plain boiled too.

rokh - Happy New Year! Cake was yummy and I even packed some back.

Santos - Thxs so much! Happy New Year and lots of delicious posts from you too.

mycoffee - Happy New Year! Vegs were all good.

kampungboycitygal - Happy New Year. Time to revive that in yr university? Meatballs taste good also for leftover lunch to the office.

fulltime mom - Happy New Year to you and yr family!

J - Happy New Year! Chocoholics can't resist choc cakes right?

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