Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Roast Duck and Goose @ Wei Kee, Lorong Yap Hin, Off Jalan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur

Recently, I had a conversation with my mum about people's eating habits and it dawned on me how lucky I am since my parents exposed me to virtually everything under the sun that I'm not fussed about food. I'm generally game to try anything as long as it tastes good. Hope you train your kids to be like that as fussiness when it comes to food means you just miss out in a lot of good things in life.

Anyway, one of the items I love is Roast Goose or Siew Ngor in Chinese. Even though it's not as fantastic as the ones you get in Hong Kong, Wei Kee in Pudu does a pretty good job for satisfying my cravings.

The restaurant is just off Jalan Pasar where you can get any electronic equipment you want. There's always crowds of people going through the tiny stalls to search for items whether it's dinky torchlights or some electronic gadget.

The goose here is tender and comes with extra crispy skin that is addictive. Besides roast meats, they also serve Kiam Chay Boey. The mustard greens are usually stewed with leftover duck or goose meat and bones to give it flavour. Tamarind slices and dried red chillies are added to give it lots of zing.

You can also get roast duck which is slightly different from the ones in Petaling Jaya as it has a more herby taste. Served with plum sauce and their own duck sauce poured from the duck after it has been roasted, it tastes great. Only problem with this place is eating here is not cheap as the roast goose is imported from China.

Restaurant Wei Kee
50, Lorong Yap Hin
Off Jalan Pasar
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 9221 8428


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Anonymous said...

I went there once, was too late and roast goose has sold out. Tried the roast duck, it's great. The goose is quite expensive am I right?

Anonymous said...

Gosh this brings back the memories when I was in KL last year! What a coincidence that your previous review was on the mini egg tarts along Jalan Imbi where I had a little snack before heading down to this roast duck/goose joint. Excellent roast duck and goose! The thin egg noodles here were pretty good too.

leekarkin said...

Hi boo_licious, please check your yahoo mail as I have something to refer you...

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo. At every relexology session, I've been reminded to avoid duck as much as possible. It'll be very very difficult now. Drools =P

boo_licious said...

whistler - yup, roast goose is not cheap!

d - great tummies think alike? Sounds like a fun foodie trip in KL.

leekarkin - thxs for the email, will reply much later.

tummythoz - if u have health issues, better avoid it as not good for the joints.

Anonymous said...

omigosh.....you are evil la woman.
i lurve roast goose, never knew you could even get it here!!! so many things to eat, so little time, and so little calorie allowance.

and yar, i agree about exposing kids to all foods. i know some people who only let their kids have breakfast/brunch at labodega. mine are coffee shop weaned. youngest boy loves dahl and roti canai since 2 yrs old. i think living here, it's also important to build up a certain degree of resistance to hawker fare. hence my tradition of friday breakfast with papa in the coffee shop, sigh, this was before they all started school. now waiting for baby to be big enough to drink half boil eggs and cheers with me.

Anonymous said...

One of de BSG kakis brought back some goose meat fr HK some time ago and none of us happy people could tell the diff whether it was chicken, duck or goose !( bcoz mixed with beer oredi sorri !)

Anyway now I can bring him to this place, no need go HK.

Btw if any of yr kids need training to eat anything,anywhere,anytime,anyway,
anyhow do leave message in BSG or teckkies' boxes as I think v r da 3rd and 4th best in Bloggerland, after Fatboy & boo_licious....

Unknown said...

OMG! YUM! I cannot get this where I live. I love roasted ducks and geese!

boo_licious said...

tonixe - once alcohol is mixed in, no way you can see if it's also a girl or guy rite?

lannae - I guess only way is to plan a trip home or go to the nearest big town which has a chinatown for you to indulge in this.

Anonymous said...

huh? i dunno what you or tonixe are talking about.... confused la.
what's a tecckie box?

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