Saturday, September 24, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 16

Ta da! The weekend is here again and it is time for the kitties to take over this cyber space. If you want to join us with pictures of your felines, do send the link of your post which should have the tag Weekend Cat Blogging to Clare at eat stuff.

I thought I will share a cute picture I took of Meow Meow. I made a new litter box with shreds of newspaper for the ginger kitten but somehow she took a liking to it and jumped in to make it a bed! So far no who has deemed it a litter box but all the cats have decided it should be a bed or a playpen. Weird kitties, they love boxes and will snuggle in it or play with the newspaper shreds.

Lots of gorgeous kitties joining us this weekend so head over to eat stuff to see them all.


Anonymous said...

Cute, as usual. So, how many cats do you have?

I'm happy to say that they've now started a dog blogging weekend, as I have dogs. But now, I'm, too, lazy to take any pics of my dogs. ;-)


Eternity said...

hey gal, where do you find such gorgeous cats/kittens??

boo_licious said...

Paz - We have quite a bevy of them. Hey, do put up your dog's picture, it will be great to see that.

eternity - I don't find them, they find me. They are all strays.

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