Saturday, September 03, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 13

Wow, this week has zipped past me before I knew it and it's weekend cat blogging time again. I must catch up with what is happening in the blogosphere this weekend as I have not been reading my regular blogs. Then, one must get her head down and do the childhood memories meme.

Okay, I will stop ranting about life and talk about cute kitties. You can share pictures of your lovely kitties, all is welcome! Just leave me a comment with your permalink! and add a "weekend cat blogging" tag to your post!

I have not been featuring my kitties at home especially my darling Boo, so I thought I'll share this picture of her. Unfortunately it does not show her in best light as it was taken at night with a flash so I have some red eye issues. Being the dunce with computers, I don't even know how to adjust it.

Each kitty I have seem to have their own unique personalities and quirks so I thought I'll share some of Boo's quirks with all of you. This little one has lots of demands and she is not shy to voice out her requests. She loves to drink from a running tap as nothing beats fresh trickling water even though I leave her a bowl of water every time. Every day, she demands a daily rub down. She loves to sit on my tummy when I am lying down while I pat and rub her till she purrs to her heart's content. What else? She hates strangers, so whenever she sees one, she zips away on her little short legs. Since she is so fluffy, you'll think it is a moving rug. Sometimes, Splashie Boy calls her "the Rug" since she looks like one.

Stay tuned this whole weekend as lots of cute cats from all around the world will also be joining us. Lots of cuties:

  1. Clare's Kiri in a sailor suit at eat stuff;
  2. sort er godt (black is good) at Skør i Skralden;
  3. The new guy Macroom over at Dispensing Hapiness;
  4. Glinda Gräddost rolling around in the sun at Anne's Food;
  5. The Lion King Jazz at Look Hunny, I cooked;
  6. Doodle bug watches Mummy cook over at Farmgrl Fare;
  7. Abe getting all territorial over Stumpy at Restaurant Widow;
  8. Jack the cute but naughty baby of the house at My Adventures in the Breadbox;
  9. Grimalkin and Ozy trying to raise funds for their relatives that have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina at Tigers & Strawberries;
  10. Phoebe trying to reach up.... at Bakingsheet;
  11. Aggie the floppy cat at Kayak soup;
  12. The black beauty Miss Kittty at Culinary in the Desert; and
  13. Sad news about dear old Moufie, rest in peace Moufie 1998-2005 - our thoughts are with you Kichen Mage

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Cat said...

she is a pretty fluffy one with a surprised look :) thank you for your nice comment on Jazz he does think he is the king ;)

Nic said...

Too cute! I love her coloring.

Unknown said...

What a sweetheart! She looks completely surprised by the camera..

Michèle said...

oh such cute fluffy little thing :)

boo_licious said...

catesa - I surprised her with the flash since it's at night! I love Jazz, he looks like a real Simba with his mane.

nic - she looks a bit like smudge from Susan's farm over in Farmgirl Fare.

Linda - I was getting desperate for pixs of her, so I took them when she was having a quiet moment or else she is usually prancing around the house.

michele - she is a cutie. This morning she woke me up by landing on my tummy demanding a rub down.

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