Friday, September 09, 2005

Mua Chee and Lor Mai Chee

Last week, when we did the walk about around the OUG morning market, I found this stall selling mua chee and lor mai chee, so I snapped some pictures to show them in action.

Mua Chee is a dessert or snack that is popular at street hawkers. You can make the mua chee dough by mixing glutinous rice flour and water. Once the dough is mixed, it is usually boiled or steamed till it is light and puffy. This dough is then tossed and cut up in a grounded up mixture of roasted peanuts and sugar as seen below.

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Here is a packet of Mua Chee all ready to eat. It reminds me a bit like the Japanese mochi you eat at restaurants.

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Besides mua chee, this couple was also making Lor Mai Chee which is made from the same ingredients except instead of tossing the glutinous rice flour dough in peanuts, the inside is filled with ground peanuts. It is then shaped in a ball and tossed in some flour. Pretty unusual to see someone making it fresh as usually you get them ready made.

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Here is the Lor Mai Chee ready to eat still within it's plastic packaging. They are also known as snow balls by some and they can have different kinds of fillings like grated coconut, red bean paste or even lotus paste. In Hong Kong, there are even some dessert shops that fill these dumplings with mango and durian.

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MrsT said...

i miss mau chi so much.. and yes.. they do remind me of mochi..:)

Fish Fish said...

Wah~~~ mua chi... I love my grandma mua chi soooo much. But I got no more chance to try it anymore. *sob sob*

Thanks for bringing back the memory.

pinkylicious said...

You can also experience ppl making Mua Chee at pasar malam. Suddenly feel like eating Mua Chee now. Maybe i will go hunting for it tomorrow when i go out for shopping :).

Farmgirl Susan said...

I love reading about all of your exotic (at least to me!) foods. Great photos, too. : )

boo_licious said...

mrst, fish fish - I'm glad you love mua chee.

emotionalistic - hope you got your mua chee fix last weekend.

farmgirl - thanks and I love your farm pixs as I rarely see farmlife since I am a total city gal.

Reid said...

Hi boo_licious,

I love mua chee too! The one I had was from Taka in S'pore earlier in the year. They made it with black sesame or pandan. YUMMY!

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