Friday, September 23, 2005

Culinaire Malaysia/FHM 2005

Culinaire Malaysia and the Food and Hotel Malaysia(FHM) fair for this year is on from 21 to 24 September at the KL Convention Centre. Splashie Boy and I visited the fair during lunch and it was pretty fun to see the equipment, the cutlery, plates and the various food supplies. Some embassies/trade missons also had booths such as Switzerland with their display of chocolate and movenpick ice cream. There were also display cakes at oven equipment booths that were interestingly decorated like this one I snapped.

I was ooohing and aaahing over all the equipment which I know I can't have since they are more for the professionals plus they are way out of my budget like the coffee machines, the professional gas ranges and this of course, my very own chocolate fountain.

I also went to see the competition entries for Culinaire Malaysia which were super amazing. For the uninitiated, Culinaire Malaysia allows anyone in the food and beverage industry to show case their talents. I managed to see the entries for the showcase pieces and this amazing Shaolin display caught my attention. Not sure if it is made from chocolate but it sure looks good. There were also figures of the Alien creature and a Harley Davidson in chocolate.

There were various traditional Malay houses but this one was called Pak Pandir's house that came complete with a bullock cart for him.

There were two mosques on display, the pink one which is the Putrajaya mosque at the back and this white one.

I liked these Chinese figures as they were pretty intricately done, it looked like a scene from a Chinese opera.

There were also plate and buffet dishes which I took some pictures. I liked this buffet piece with the butterfly and the little butterflies at the side. They looked too good to eat.

They painted a gloss on top of it to preserve it (I guess?). I love this one which had the red berries and the vegetable leaves.

Can you see the shiny glaze on top of these salmon roulades? They look like those displays you find at the Japanese shops.

If you are interested, head down to the KL Convention Centre. The Culinaire event has a RM5 entry fee and you must be in the food industry to register for the Food and Hotel Fair.


Cat said...

its edible art! and a chocolate fountain! it must be heaven :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Ahhhh! Incredible to see on my screen. How much more so, in person. Thanks for sharing this with us!


boo_licious said...

cat and paz - I was amazed with the stuff that I was in heaven.

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