Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dim Sum @ Teochew Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Dim sum is food I eat once in a blue moon. Not too sure why but sometimes it's difficult to get really nice ones hence I don't eat it often as I like. I do have childhood memories of indulging in Sunday dim sum lunches at the old Merlin Hotel's Chinese restaurant where Concorde Hotel is now. My favourites were the steamed char siu paus and their cool coconut dessert. What was also memorable was their tortoise pond which was an essential spot to play at.

Recently, we visited Teochew Restaurant, an old style Chinese restaurant which still serves their dim sum in metal pushcarts just like the old days. I love that way of serving dim sum versus the order from the paper menu which is adopted by most restaurants since I'm hopeless in Chinese and visuals of my food is a great guide. Char siu pau is an essential for me but this time round, I settled for these mini chan buns which also contain the same meat filling but they are encased in a bread dough.

Something unusual in dim sum restaurants, steamed pumpkin buns topped with black sesame seeds. This was really yummy and nice, I love the sweet pumpkin filling encased in the steamed bun.

Not many people eat dim sum nowadays as they claim it's too rich and the meats they used are too fat. It's okay to indulge in them once in a while just like this abalone topped dumpling. For me, I usually drink lots and lots of chinese tea during and after the meal as it's believed that it helps disperse the oil within your body.

Teochew Restaurant has a slightly different version of the glutinous rice, it's fried instead of steamed. Not so great as it was oily and somehow the flavours weren't so nice.

An essential order whenever you eat dim sum is the Har Kau - steamed prawns encased in a semi transparent skin. The prawns were crunchy and the skin was not too thick.

This is similar to the Har Kau except fresh scallop topped with fish roe is used instead of prawns.

Another must have in dim sum restaurants - siu mai which is steamed dumplings encased in a thin wrapper with a meat and shrimp filling. This is topped with crab roe.

Certain of their dishes have been given modern twists like this chee cheong fun which was stuffed with pumpkin, mushrooms and sweet corn instead of the usual char siu and prawns. Pretty good stuff I thought.

For desserts, instead of the egg tarts, we went for the deep fried buns filled with salted egg yolk custard that were yummy and rich tasting.

If you want to indulge in some old style and slightly modern dim sum, do try this place which has almost 100 types of dim sum they serve for breakfast to lunchtime (7.30 am to 2.45 pm). They also have a limited dim sum menu at night with less fried items. Besides dim sum, this restaurant also serves Teochew specialities like Teochew Special Fish Noodle, Teochew Salted Duck, yam and vegetables in claypot and Teochew style steamboat with fish head.

Teochew Restaurant
270 - 272 Jalan Changkat Thamby Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2141 5851

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flymeng said...

When I was a kid, my dad would take us for dim sum in Setapak and Petaling street. I think the name of the restaurant on Petaling Street is Yoke Woo Hin. It is well known. They open for business at 5AM.

I had Shanghainese dim sum in HK and thought the food was strange. Their siew loong pau is popular.

I also agree that dim sum has too much meat. The vegetarian cheong fun looks good. The dim sum in Tampa, Florida is so-so but it is good in Houston and Atlanta.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I love Dim Sum, just the sight of these pictures makes me really hungry...gotta get my dim sum fix this weekend. ;)

Anonymous said...

gosh..... boo, da dimsums make me drool!!!!!!!!! da steamed pumpkin buns really looks good....

Anonymous said...

oooo....miss all those yummy yummy dim sum!!! sick of potatoes and pumpkins in aussie..urghhhh..:p

wmw said...

Aah!!! Must have dim sum! Must! Ha ha...I usually eat the no frills dim sum from SS2 but treat myself to the occasional Chynna dim sum! Chef Loong's dim sum is no longer as good as the old chef has left! For me, when I was a kid, my dad brought me to Ming Court (it then later turned into Hong Kiong supermarket and now...Corona Inn in Jalan Tong Shin). Reading your blog brings back lots of sweet memories about my dad. Thanks....

PabloPabla said...

How's the pricing like?

wyejon said...

boo... I just mentioned about this place to my colleagues the other day. I've been wanting to eat there for a few years now. My family used to frequent this place and I've always had good memories of them. Glad to here they're still good.

boo_licious said...

flymeng - yeah, Yoke Woo Hin was where my parents used to take me to once in a blue moon. I find dim sum filled with too much fat meat hence chinese tea is always essential for me. I can sit and drink pots of it.

rasa malaysia - hope you get yr dim sum fix soon!

meiyen - the steamed pumpkin buns are nice, a change from the lotus paste I think.

xiu loong bao - time to drop by your Chinatown to get some dim sums.

wmw - I don't think we ever ate at Ming Court, I do remember the Teochew place behind Tung Shin restaurant though, is that the same one?

pablopabla - it's around RM5 for the dishes, varies for some depending on what you order.

wyejon - yeah, this is an old institution, it seems it is the 3rd generation running this place already. I think the food is not bad here and at least, they try to put some modern items in their dim sum menu rather than just the old favourites.

Honey Star said...

oh gosh, i think you just made everyone crave for dim sum. I am so gonna get some this weekend too.

Marco polo's (wisma lim foo yoong) dim sum is not bad too.

Lannae said...

Look at all the Dim Sum! My favorite food! I love the idea of scallop hawr gao! Yum! Chung fun, oh I wish I had some here! Your photos are making me hungry!

boo_licious said...

honey star - yeah, marco polo's dim sum is pretty ok too. If you for lunch, you always see the owner there.

lannae - wish we could send some over to you. I guess you just have to plan a trip to KL soon.

StephenMing said...

I think the restaurant is closed down already as i went there and couldn't find this shop again.

Anonymous said...

do anybody know where is it open?

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