Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) 36

Meow everyone,

Hope everything is A-ok with all of you. I thought this week I'll show you pictures of these two naughty kitties at the other house. One of the kittens came back to us as no one wanted the poor fella. He seems to be okay with it and has turned out to be a companion for the ginger kitten we call Gingy or G for short.

Their daily occupation is to chase each other round and round the garden a few times. Since the garden is pretty big, they can occupy the whole day doing just that.

After chasing each other, they'll definitely clash with each other and you'll see fur and paws flying around. The best part is despite all the play fighting, they do love each other as Mum has caught them cleaning each other's heads during quiet moments.

Oh, another thing I wish to gripe about - I am so annoyed with the people who live around me! They just disturbed my peaceful night with noisy, big banging fireworks that went on for a while which I totally don't appreciate. Ain't it bad enough I have to endure those noisy clang clang sound of the lion dances? I'm glad Chinese New Year will be over soon as I honestly hate these loud fireworks and lion dances.

Do check Auntie Clare at eat stuff this weekend. She has a special guest, Ruby who looks a bit like my mummy who has a neat trick with her paws. See you all next week.

Lotsa love, hugs and meow kisses

Boo the cat

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linda said...

I am glad to hear the fighting is all in fun... wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.
So sorry the fireworks are tormenting you~ we don't get a lot of those at this time of year, but I actually DO like the lion/dragon dances. I am sure Aggie wouldn't though...

jesscet said...

I know what u mean! Try living in my (Chinaman) area and you'd probably tear your hair out! For almost everynight esp. the 8th day of CNY was non-stop fireworks and fire crackers AND loud speaker karaoke sessions till early hours in the morning. (poor jojo was freaked out..)

In fact on Tues nite we were so annoyed that we called the police!

Glad that CNY is almost over..

stacey said...

Boo your cats are so lean! Little street fighters!

Clare Eats said...

Just be glad that the kitties have each other to play fight with and don't consideryou their fight friend LOL

Christine said...

I kind of miss the Lion Dancers.... But not too much. Cute cats!!

it's only fuel said...

and everybody was kung fu fighting...da na na na na na na na naaaaa!


b'gina said...

It's nice to see your cats playing so well together. Poor little guy being rejected. At least he had a home to return to.

boo_licious said...

Auntie Linda - they do love each other but sometimes when they fight, it gets really violent.

Auntie Jess - we can't complain though as fireworks are part of an organised event.

Auntie Stacey - they run around so much unlike me who sleep all day hence they're so skinny.

Auntie Clare - my brother Kits used to make Mum his play fight friend. She shadow boxes with him sometimes.

It's only fuel - yes, a lot of yee har too amid the meowwws!

Auntie B'gina - yeah, I think he doesn't feel left out from his brother and sister since he still has his bigger sister from another batch to play with.

Lotsa love

Boo the cat

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