Friday, May 05, 2006

Kedai Lontong Mak Yah @ Section 14, Petaling Jaya

I'm still digging up old pictures as I have accumulated quite a stash of them plus I haven't had much time to take new ones yet. It'll probably take me a while to build up my usual store unless I work very hard on it. By the way, I recently had lunch at Tang House of Fishball (read my February 2006 review) and that place has expanded from one shoplot to three shoplots. Business must be really good! Although the food is on a slightly pricier side (RM0.80 for yong tau foo), it tastes great as the filling is full of fish and not pan fried making it a healthier alternative.

I have read a lot about this famous Lontong served in Section 14 hence one day I made a special trip to search for it. It took me a while as I thought the stall was at the bottom of the complex but after tracing the sounds and smells, I managed to stumble on an upstairs food court which was bustling with people. The lontong stall is tucked behind a column hence it was not easy to spot.

It has been ages since I ate lontong and although the stall's variety is slightly different from the one I am used to - it was really fantastic. I ordered the lontong with sotong and egg (RM3.30). Basically lontong consists of nasi impit which is compressed rice cakes cut into cubes. You add sayur lodeh which is a vegetable coconut curry. Depending on each person's preference, the vegetables will be cabbage, long beans, carrots and fried tempe, a kind of beancurd. Tofu is sometimes added into the curry which is very creamy. A peanut sauce is then added on top completing your lontong meal. At this stall, they added slices of sotong (brown calamari), hard boiled eggs and grated coconut which tasted great. The curry is quite mild since it has a lot of coconut milk.

If you are in the area, give this a try as it tastes great. After writing this, I feel like having some for breakfast now!

Kedai Lontong Mak Yah
Kedai P24 , Seksyen 14 PJ,
At the Pusat Penjaja Petaling Jaya
Closed on Mondays and open from early morning

(To get there, turn left at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Go up the stairs leading the food court and the kedai lontong is right in front of you behind a column.)

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Valisa said...

wow looks good. I prefer the Malaysian lontong compared to Indonesian - I can't stand the taste of chekur. I am DROOLING!!! I can taste the lontong all the way from here! Eat some more for melah!

Flower said...

This is the lontong my boss always have for Hari Raya. It is yummy....

Mummie Joan said...

so many good food i can find from your blog!

good job man! =)

boo_licious said...

valisa - have not tried Indonesian Lontong before but this one is excellent.

flower - yeah, very essential for Raya. I always have it during Raya too.

Joan - thxs and good luck with work.

Unknown said...

I'm going to try it. I bet its the only thing I hvnt tried in Malaysia.thanx for the info hey.good job!

Unknown said...

yes i hav tried tis dish, n yes its tat good !!!! i normally hav it when i m down in KL , its not often enough!!!

Highly recommended for tis stall only!!!

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