Monday, May 29, 2006

Esquire Kitchen @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL

It's been ages since I ate at an Esquire Kitchen but the food is still fantastic. This place has been around for years and years, I still remember their first outlet was in Asia Jaya which was the premier shopping centre during the 1970s. They serve Shanghainese and Szechuan dishes but I prefer their Szechuan items. In fact they were one of the first places that served Siu Loong Pau. However I won't recommend them to you as it's not fantastic unlike the bigger ones you can now get in Shanghainese restaurants.

Since it was just the two of us, we ordered their signature dish, the stir fried chicken paprika or what we know commonly as Szechuan chicken(RM14++). Excellent as always as it came coated in a yummy and sticky sauce, cashew nuts and diced chickens plus lots of dried chillies for fire. We were using the buns to wipe the yummy sauce.

Instead of eating the dishes with rice, we opted to accompany it with their flower buns (4 for RM3.20++) which is unique to the restaurant. Usually you eat the Tung Po meat dish with the buns but we tend to avoid that dish as it's really full of fat! We ordered a fried meehoon for one person(RM6.20++) which I took blurry pictures of as I was in such a hurry. I was really taking pictures quickly plus sneakily as I spied someone I knew in the other table. By the way, it was my first time trying out the fried meehoon and it was excellent plus so much nicer than the ones you get in the Hokkien Noodles stalls.

Another must have - their Szechuan stir fried eggplant(RM11++). They deep fry the eggplant or what we commonly know as brinjal which makes it so aromatic. They were serving bak chang too since it will be Dumpling festival soon. If you have room for dessert, try their Tau Foo Fah. They also serve tong yuen with black sesame seed filling. However if you don't want the traditional items, pop in next door to Alexis Bistro for a slice of cake. We were contemplating dropping by there to eat the Chocolate Moist but decided against it that day as the cake looked like it was left over since there was only 3 slices left on the plate.

Esquire Kitchen
Lot F15, First Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2094 3135
(Non Halal. There are outlets in almost every major shopping centre in town.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review

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Mummie Joan said...

i love esquire dishes! so yummy! but i realized somehow different branches have diff quality of food.

I love the paprika chicken, brinjal and long beans! YUM!

boo_licious said...

joan - the BSC and the one at Atria are good outlets. Quality maintained all the time.

c a r c a r said...

hey i shall echo with joan! i love paprika chicken and fried brinjal! oh my! they looks really delicious!

finally i know you actually having 'slight difficulties' in snapping food picture sometimes. Because as fas as i know some places are not really allowed customer to take any of the picture in their shop. And others will feel weird on what are we doing with the camera and the food, hahaha...

but thanks a million for all the beautiful & superb good food picture!

Tummythoz said...

I'll go with Joan's stmt that there's the quality differs among the outlets. After visits to those at Sg Wang, Sec 14 & Endah Parade, Sri Petaling, I've stayed away.

冰冰-ping said...

yea, the food over there are fantastic...did u tried the dumpling..(named as wo tie in chinese..)

ShaolinTiger said...

Best thing there is the sauce noodles. Shame their siu loong pau kinda sucks. The wor tip is good though, and the brinjal is yummy.

FooDcrazEE said...

boo - u must come up one day with treat - mid June sounds good ?

wyejon said...

i've got a draft post about the Esquire Kitchen outlet in Sungei Wang and it's nothing but hard criticism, which made me reluctant to release it :)

Glad to hear that they still have good outlets. I have fond memories of the Asia Jaya outlet.

I can't really be sure but I remember eating Beef Noodles in their restaurant when I was really young. They don't seem to sell it anymore.

boo_licious said...

carcar - I haven't seen that person for ages hence I did not want her to query me left right centre abt why I was taking pixs!

tummythoz - that's sad abt the other outlets. Must admit I've never tried the others as we usually just stick to this branch. My mother goes to the one at Atria with her friends which she says is pretty good too.

thick frames glasses ping - dunno, I'm not a fan of their fried dumplings. Still think the Szechuan stuff is nicer.

shaolin tiger - yes the noodles are great here and yeah siu loong bao is so full of fat meat that it's so yucky.

foodcrazee - dunno lar, we usually busy with the hse during weekends. Ask to go Melaka for makan cum shopping trip also got rejected recently.

wyejon - I don't think I have eaten Sg Wang's outlet before so can't comment but it looks like it's on the list of don't try outlets. So far the BSC one has maintained quality as this is the one I exclusively eat at. We could hear the wok from outside and the food came with lots of "wok hei" that day.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Yum! Those buns look amazing. I've never seen anything like them. You sure know where to eat, boo! : )

boo_licious said...

thxs farmgirl - I sometimes like to eat them plain at home. They're really nice when steamed.

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