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Malaysian Food Finds @ 9 January, 2006

Food, glorious food! Lots of them to feast your eyes even though I am super late in my today's post. For those of you who love lemang, rendang and ketupat, drop by Taman Tun Dr. Ismail as the stalls are out in full force just off the highway selling them for tomorrow's Hari Raya Haji celebrations.

What's cooking in the kitchen?

New Journey who is back from a hiatus in Italy cooks up his version of East West pasta - Italian pasta with Bak Gua (barbequed meat) and anchovies. Looks very interesting. If pasta is not your thing, how about trying out Some1's Voice Out There's Mee Goreng? It looks good with a Ramly burger crumbled over it. If you want to make noodles for your birthday, head over to the Malaysian Receipes Blog which has the recipe for you.

Gulengz Daily talked about his mother's Chicken Rice which sounds like a yummy homecooked meal. Lilian from Malaysia Best made my mouth water with her delicious looking sambal prawns with four angled beans. She also took some lovely pictures of the pinkish mushroom beans which can be used for Chinese soups. Coincidentally, Green Apple from My Felicity Corner also cooked these beans which she calls cranberry beans in soup last week.

Foodcrazee was a lucky guy as he had a very interesting lunch his classmates whipped up - stuffed portobello mushrooms, stuffed crabs and Christmas cake. He even came up with his unique version of Fried Rice with wolfberries, baby carrots, egg and sambal ikan bilis (anchovies sambal) that looks great. Usually people eat their English muffins with jam or butter but Babe in the City has a few savoury versions up her sleeve that are so simple to make at home. Month of May made her version of the Kampar Chicken Biscuits and wow, they look so good that I wish I had some to try.

Just Heavenly was baking away last week and whipped up many goodies to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. There was a very cute Chocolate Banana Monkey cake made for a birthday, apple strudel, portugese egg tarts and soya bean pudding. If you are gearing up for Chinese New Year, why don't you make some of Month of May's peanut dainties? You can even get a podcast from Eat First Think Later on a step by step guide on how to make peanut cookies. Don't forget to indulge a bit on molten lava flourless chocolate cake that Have your Cake and Eat it too made.

Just Heavenly's Chocolate Banana Monkey Cake

If you want to try something new, why don't you join the next
Hay! Hay! It's Donna Day # 2 which is all about macaroons and hosted by our very own Pearl of the Orient. Do check out Sweets for my Sweet's new look - it's delish and she shares with us her baking efforts for the whole week that includes an interesting Broccoli Upside Down Cake, Peanut Soup, Pandan Chiffon Cake, Orange and Poppy Seed Cake and Pumpkin & Sesame Seed Bun. Tham Jiak posted up her New Year party pictures and it looks like she had a ball with all that yummy food. She also posted a very healthy Chrysanthemum Ginseng Tail drink that looks so simple to make. KampungboyCitygal made delicious looking noodles, deep fried tofu and thai style dory fish.

Eats around Kuala Lumpur

Colonel Sanders over in Kentucky Fried Chicken went fishing and hooked a "big" KFC Fish Sandwich which was launched last week. Wyejon from Wantan Productions tried it out and has some pictures of the sandwich. Splashie Boy and I tried it during the weekend and found it not too bad even though there could be a bit more herb sauce to make it tastier.

Memoirs of a Chocoholic had a family dinner at Monte's which is a favourite of theirs since the food quality is consistent. Chillis is the place to be when you are in KLIA as Sixth Seal found out but don't stay too long or else you'll miss your flight. Wantan Productions introduces us to Cafe De Kowloon at Sri Hartamas and offers us a tip that boiled Coke and ginger helps clear your blocked nose. If you need a place to hang out with friends, try Ah Lok Cafe in ss2 recommends Boredworkers.

Acrix69 tried out Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Loong Bao in Lot 10 and found it great. I am so glad as that is one of my favourite places. Aprilcherrie visited the new Crystal Jade outlet in Mid Valley Megamall, C-Jade Express. A slightly different concept from the Lot 10 outlet - this one is more like a Hong Kong style cafe with barbequed meats, Korean rice and noodles. Will be blogging about this place next week as I also visited this place last week. Aprilcherrie also had Sushi King for dinner, so drool over her pictures of the sushi.

Yummy Corner brings us pictures from New Paris - that place with the no-nonsense service and cheap plus great food. Kopitiams seem to be sprouting up everywhere and this is a new one at 1 Utama Old Wing, called Oldtown Kopitiam. It's doing brisk business as it's right next door to the cinema. Good Food, Good Life had a bit of a dismal time at the Japanese outlet in Mid Valley Megamall's food court but he fared better at Haeun Khon in Amcorp Mall. KYspeaks had a great time trying out Yang Mooi's beef noodles in Pandan Indah, Cheras.

Sometimes whenever the snack attack hits you, how about trying out some Carrot Cake that New Journey loves. If not, try Some1's Voice Out There's recommended murukus and egg rolls, yue tiao, nasi lemak and bak chang.

New Journey's Carrot Cake

Far away eats

Point of View introduces us to Dry Bak Kut Teh in Kuching that looks really good. Elb's hovel of thought brings us Yo! Sushi all the way from good old England. Treasurable Memories made a trip to Malacca and had Chicken Rice Ball for the first time. The cendol they had looked good too. KampungboyCitygal may be busy with work but they still managed to bring us pictures of Lorong Selamat's famous food. Good Food, Good Life made me drool over the famous Kemaman Coffee that I had to put a picture of it up for all of you to see.

Good Food, Good Life's Kemaman Coffee

* Photos are "borrowed" from the individual blogs and if you object to me using them, do drop me a comment and I will remove them.

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