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Malaysian Food Finds @ 3 January, 2006

It's a new year already so I hope you are all re-charged to tackle the challenges ahead. Last week's food finds saw lots of people getting busy in their kitchens whipping up goodies, there were also celebration feasts and holidays.

Kitchen Stories

I know some of you may have resolved to eat more vegetables this year to keep healthy so why don't you make some yummy-licious
Chocolate Zucchini Brownies that the Month of May made. They have veggies in them i.e. Zucchini but taste so divine that one does not know they were even added.

Month of May's Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

If chocolate and veggies are not your thing, how about some of May's sticky date pudding and big soft gingerbread cookies? Now if you are a fan of flans - Just Heavenly is really into them and made a sausage cheese flan and tiny orange flans.

Rachel from
Tham Jiak gets me hankering for naan to go with her Kheema. I was drooling over Elb's hovel of thoughts' lovely looking Roast Lamb Rack. Shaolin Tiger who sports a new look for the new year made a hearty English breakfast that looked so good to start a lazy weekend with. Just Heavenly made Chinese Chicken Parcels for a Christmas potluck party they had. If that is too complicated, how about trying out their Tomato Bruschetta which looks very easy to make. Babe in the City tried another version of spaghetti vongole but found the clams too tiny for her liking. I guess a third version will be in the works soon as she looks for the perfect vongole. Going [Wild] & Glowing [Charm] made an Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake in the wee hours of the morning which was a bit of disaster when the digestive biscuit base seperated itself from the cheese bit. I am sure she will get it right the next time round so I am looking forward to the pictures of the cheesecake.

Foodcrazee was a lucky guy when the chefs at the restaurants he work at cooked up a lovely New Year Eve's lunch. Everything looks so decadent and yummy. Greenapple from My Felicity Corner kicks off the new year with a lovely breakfast and made a beautiful Christmas feast for her loved ones. It must be really good as she was rewarded with a lovely Christmas present. Glutton Rabbit from Pearl of the Orient celebrated going back to work after the Christmas holidays with some yummy looking Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mycoffee from Sweets for my Sweet cooked up a storm for her Christmas feast - everything looks so good.

Foodie Finds around Kuala Lumpur

Wantan Productions visited the Taiwanese noodle house in ss2 and the noodles look good. I must go and search for this place one day. Pam from Foodyumz has her little top ten of food picks for 2005 and recent dinners at Ka Soh, Jalan Bukit Bintang and Green View in Petaling Jaya. I love the Prawn (Sang Har in Cantonese) Meen at Green View and the Fish Head Noodles (Yee Tow Mai in Cantonese) at Ka Soh - essential stops whenever my cousins are in town. KY Speaks introduces us to Mini Laksa from Jalan Pasar. I never knew something like that existed until I saw it on his blog. He continues his eating adventures to seafood porridge in Petaling Jaya and Shabu-shabu King Steamboat in ss2.

Foodyumz's Sang Har Meen from Green View

Lilian from
Malaysia Best was down in Kuala Lumpur for a short trip and caught some Ipoh Kuay Teow Noodles on her new camera. She also griped about Paddington House of Pancakes which didn't impress her too much with her service and prices. Acrix69 finally made it to Tenka Daiichi Ramen and found it pretty good. The pictures of the ramen and gyoza are making my mouth water.

Boredworkers introduced us to Mali's Corner for Nasi Lemak and Char Kuay Teow Penang. He also takes us for a bit of Bak Kut Teh over in Restoran Sin Wah, Cheras. There are lots of celebration seafood feasts with the long holidays and Kimberly from Narcissism is Necessary celebrated the end of college at Port Village, Klang. Coincidentally, Just Heavenly also visited Port Village and had a seafood feast there. More celebrations continue from the Memoirs of a Chocoholic who visited Nine at One Bangsar recently with a whole group of friends. KampungboyCitygal celebrated a friend's birthday in TGi Fridays at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Looked like real good fun with the birthday song being belted by the crew for the birthday girl.

Foodie Finds Far Far Away

Acrix69 is on location in Malacca and brings us the modern version of Chicken Rice Ball (made by machine) and snaps from his first day in Malacca. Can't wait to see more pictures as Malacca is one of my favourite eating places. Mark from Good Food, Good Life brings us seafood from Pak Su in Kuantan. I remember eating at this place during my last visit to Kuantan and spying the fresh fish being delivered for the day.

Acrix69's Chicken Rice Ball

If you are up in Genting for a day, how about trying out
Ming Ren which Foodcrazee recommends for Chinese food. How about a change from Penang hawker food? Try out some Korean food instead as recommended by Glutton Rabbit. If coffee and Bak Kut Teh is your thing, Sandakan may be the place to be according to the Malaysian Recipes Blog. Remember Aprilcherrie? She's back from her trip to Shanghai and she brings us lots of pictures of the place and yummy food of course.

*Pictures are from the respective bloggers' sites which I have "borrowed" to show all of you the yummy food. If you are uncomfortable with me using your pictures, do tell me and I will remove them.

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Joycelyn said...

hi boo, great post, as always! happy new year to you and your loved ones...

Lin said...

It never cease to amaze me at how much effort you put into your blogs. All those pictures and links! And not to mention the amount of information and detailed description of the yummy food that you've tried. Usually, when I have something really nice, its all in my tummy before I can work out whats in it!

Kimberly Low said...

thanks for plugging me :) i enjoy your blog immensely

Aria said...

oh masak-masak, how i've missed your exotic foods over the holiday. brownies w/ zucchinni? i object!
kisses to boo the cat from max and noosh:)

boo_licious said...

j - happy new year!

lin - must blog for the sake of all of you. I always believe foodies are all over the place and they should be given a mention.

kimberly - you are welcome. Hope to see more food blogs from you.

Aria - kisses to max and noosh too. Boo the cat is getting a bit attached to her mum this few days. She must sleep on the bed with Kits and I.

Unknown said...

Hie thanks for mentioning us..We appreciate it a lotzzzzz..Nice blog n keep it up~!

boo_licious said...

kampungboycitygal - no problems.

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