Friday, January 13, 2006

Green View Restaurant @ Petaling Jaya

Makan session time again! This time round it was to savour some seafood on a lazy Sunday afternoon. To cool off, we all had this bright green lime and sour plum drink that really quenches your thirst.

As Chinese New Year is just round the corner, most of the Chinese restaurants have started serving Yee Sang. Previously Yee Sang would only be available during the fifteen days of Chinese New Year but nowadays the restaurants cash in on this dish by serving it way before New Year starts. This tradition of having Yee Sang is unique to Malaysia and Singapore. Essentially it's a salad comprising of various shredded vegetables plus herbs and crunchies tossed with thin slices of raw fish, sesame oil, five spice powder and plum sauce. Depending on each restaurant, the ingredients will vary accordingly. Usually, thinly sliced raw fish like river carp (wan yue in Cantonese) or salmon is tossed in Yee Sang. Not everyone likes eating raw fish hence restaurants also offer crunchy jellyfish or luxury items like sliced abalone, geoduck or sea cucumber.

Once the raw fish slices are tossed in the five spice powder, it's time to toss and mix the ingredients with our chopsticks. Traditionally you toss it as high as you can and shout "Loh Hei" or good wishes for the new year as this will bring you luck and prosperity for the coming year. After tossing everything, it looks really pretty with the green and red dough shreds mixed with the various shredded vegetables liked pickled cabbage, pomelo sacs, pickled ginger, pickled lime, coriander and sesame seeds.

This is what we came for, the superb sang har meen which has deep fried yee mee noodles tossed with large fresh water prawns, spring onions, sliced young ginger and a sublime sauce. I love eating these noodles as you get crunchy bits which soften in the sauce that tastes so yummy. The sauce is made from prawn stock mixed with a beaten egg.

We ordered a few dishes only since we knew we will be full with the noodles and the crabs. A roasted suckling pig was also ordered which came as a starter - not too bad and the skin was crispy. For greens, we had fried baby kailan with garlic which was not too oily.

Chilli crabs to end a great meal - two huge ones with lots of sauce to be mopped up with slices of toasted white bread. We were all digging in to the crab which was so huge that I almost could not crack it's shell with the hammer to get to the sweet white flesh.

I don't have the detailed bill with me but we paid approximately RM50 per person for a superb meal. Note that our meal also included a small suckling pig and drinks. This place can get pretty packed during weekends especially dinner time so try and book ahead or come early to get a table.

Green View Restaurant
6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7958 1076
(For directions to get there, refer to the Sun)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Fashionasia said...

oh you should try their "kwai mei kai" = literally translated as "funny taste chicken". Very niceee.....

wildcharm said...

I love their sang har meen ALOT man. The prawns. Wah. Salivating already. I think I'm gonna go there againlah with my parents!


obachan said...

AHhhhhh---- the chilli crabs!! I'll dream about them tonight!

Unknown said...

Mouth Watering..Sang har meen..Now only i know that yee sang is only a/v in msia n spore. I thought it was originated from China..hehehe

elb said...

damn I MISS good yee sang very much! All I can find are preboxed yee sang :( But that's not going to stop me from introducing it to my China friends ;)

Liz said...

Ohhhh - yee sang! Chili crab! God, I hate England.

Not to worry - I'm hoping to be in Malaysia for CNY 2007. Please think of me, lonely in a land full of potatoes, next time you have a chili crab. :(

PK said...

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH so fast go there dy.. hehehe! can't wait to go again during CNY w some friends to lou sang and haf the crabs. Wanna join boo?? heheheh


boo_licious said...

fashionasia - thanks for the tip. Never knew they had that dish, sounds interesting.

wildcharm - the sang har meen is so salivating good!

obachan - come! come! to Malaysia then you can eat them all the time.

kampungboycitygal - they only serve it here but the wikipedia says it did originate from china.

elb - just fry it up and I am sure it will taste the same.

squeezeweasel - yeah I can imagine as I used to live in Cambridge too. Lots of stodgy food to counteract that Siberian wind effect.

pk - I think my friends saw your pixs and said let's go eat sang har meen. Thanks for the invite, so where shall we go?

xiao-ahmei said...

How many people of you?
My colleagues suggested want to have lou sang lunch tomorrow.

Andrew said...

Hi, i've tried the green lime and sour plum drink in penang and fell in love with it! Very refreshing. However, no one outside penang knows about it! Do you know what it is called? Is it "ampra/ampla"? and is there anything else that goes in it, e.g. guava?

frankybme said...

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