Thursday, January 12, 2006

C-Jade Express @ Mid Valley Megamall

This January, Crystal Jade Singapore opened their second outlet, C-Jade Express in Malaysia at Mid Valley Megamall. Unlike their first outlet Crystal Jade Lai Mian which focused on Shanghainese food, this outlet is more towards the Hong Kong express style food that seems to be gaining popularity among Malaysians. Incidentally, this is also their new concept as they also opened an express outlet in Singapore. The place is very much a cafe style where you order and pay ahead for your food in the front counter. You are then given a plastic plaque with your order number and food will be delivered to you.

There is quite a bit of emphasis on their barbequed meats especially their special roast Sham Tseng duck which is specially prepared by a famous Hong Kong chef, Chen Qiang. Currently they are running a promotion where you can pack home the roast duck for a special discount.

I had to have their Ribena Sprite Lemon (RM2.20+) - fizzy sprite flavoured with Ribena cordial, a twist of lemon plus some nata de coco cubes and lots of crushed ice. Very nice drink but then I am partial to anything with Ribena, my favourite childhood drink.

I was totally lost when I looked at the menu so I asked the cashier to recommend me their signature dish - she said it was their roast duck so I ordered a portion of their roast duck noodles (RM10+, it's cheaper by about RM1 if you order it with soup). The noodles is unlike the wantan ones we get in the hawker shops and is finer which I really liked. Not sure if they make it themselves or if it is from a packet. I didn't think the roast duck was fantastic and found it a bit dry compared to the usual roast duck places I frequent in Petaling Jaya.

There are lots of choices on the menu which I studied for quite a while, slowly reading through each section. They have this interesting soup rice i.e soups mixed with rice which is an old favourite of mine. You can choose between winter melon soups or exotic frog legs. They also have breakfast, lunch and dinner specials with chicken chop, steamed chicken rice and Korean stone rice. The Korean stone rice is basically bibimbap served in a stone bowl which
Aprilcherrie had when she visited the place last week. Besides the specials, I was fascinated to see satay beef soup macaroni and suckling pig rice on their menu. You can also get Beijing dumplings, stewed frog and braised dishes to be eaten with rice. Although I wasn't too impressed with the roast duck noodles, I will come back to try their other menu items which looked interesting.

C-Jade Express
Unit LG-048, Lower Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
(Next to Yoshinoya)

Tel No: 03 - 22284 8113

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Alicia said...

how's the pricing there?

jesscet said...

That's the question i wanna ask too! so how much was your roast duck noodle?

looks like more and more new eateries are opening up in MVM - which means got a few have gone `chap lap!'?

boo_licious said...

Alicia and Jess - I have added in the pricing of the items - it took me a while to search for the receipt. Not too sure about comparison wise with say Kim Gary though as I rarely go Kim Gary - only that one time with Jess!

Yes, I think some just decided not to continue business when the tenancy came up for review. Good for us as it means new places.

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