Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chee Cheong Fun and Ice Kacang @ Petaling Street

Since there is a serious lack of real food in my last post, I thought I will add a bonus post on what I ate when I did my Petaling Street walkabout.

One of my family's favourites, this chee cheong fun brings back memories as my parents used to pack this back for my Sunday breakfast. They used to do their weekly fish shopping in the Madras Lane wet market as it had the freshest fish. I love the simple sauce and the smooth texture of the chee cheong fun here. You can enjoy it by sitting at the stall or at tables right behind it. A small portion will set you back a mere RM1.30 while a large portion costs RM1.80. There is also yong tau foo served nearby which is extremely popular too.

I have heard quite a bit about the ice kacang or air batu campur from Madras Lane hence I decided to give it a try. They have an unusual way of serving it with the cendol strips on top of the shaved ice instead of just under it making it look extremely pretty. The taste is pretty good but I found the ice not as fine as my favourite place in Old Town Petaling Jaya's Medan Selera.

Besides these stalls, you can also get assam laksa and curry laksa. I like the curry laksa as they serve lots of vegetables with it but I find the curry sauce to be too thick. The stalls around here are quite territorial so one must be careful on where you sit or else you can start a mini fight among the traders.

Madras Lane Stalls - Inside the Petaling Street wet market
From morning till lunch time
(You can access it by walking through the small road directly opposite the Indian temple on Jalan Tun HS Lee. There will be a carpark there that charges exorbitant rates and the food stalls are located just next to it. Walk a bit further in and you will get a wet market that is connected by small walkways in a form of a cross. Each way will lead you out of the wet market to the main roads around Petaling Street)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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fatboybakes said...

wow, the chee cheong fun in cecil st/petaling street corner is like RM3 I think...(that corner that sells hokkien mee at night). the market CCF looks great. so cheap sum more.

MahaguruSia said...

fatboybakes, RM3 for CCF? adeh... sounds like you got baked... hehe.

boo_licious, Penang CCF is the best, the smellier the prawn paste sauce, the better!! Slurpss.... !#$% just thinking of them makes me hungry!!

Nine3 Nine3 said...

have time should try the Yong Tau Foo, a lot people consider better than Ampang Yong tau Foo

wyejon said...

boo - the yong tau foo in the market used to be my favourite haunt! u should really try it.

@fatboybakes - ur talking about the real famous CCF. Quite worth the money actually because it's not the same as your regular CCF :)

Unknown said...

hi boo, I miss this kind of market-stall chee cheong fun.. in Ipoh (where my mum and dad stay), I always have this version that also comes with red chillies sauce by the side and sliced pickled green chillies... aaargh, making me homesick :)

Anonymous said...

Hi boo_licious,
I am really enjoying your blog.Felt that I was in Malaysia.
But it was in dream.You are really great.My best wishes for wonderful postings for upcoming months.Hope you don't my tagging your blog for culture for my new blogging.Bye see your reading again .

boo_licious said...

Wow, this yong tau foo must be great - all of you talking abt it. Will definitely try it next time and blog about it.

Cath - the Ipoh one sounds too fiery for me. Are you going back to Ipoh for CNY?

No problems, R - link away. Sorry you miss Msia! Hope you get to come back soon.

Unknown said...

boohhooooo.. nope, I'm staying put in SG, too much work to take time off plus need to celebrate with in-laws here.. me own mum and dad will see me much much much later!

boo_licious said...

oh no, poor cath. Never mind - it means you will spread out all that yummy eating.

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