Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sungai Klah Hot Springs & Sg Besar Fishing Village

We take a brief hiatus from food reviews and my cooking efforts to talk about some places in Malaysia that you may want to take a look at during these school holidays. They are still somewhat related to food. Recently I took a mini trip to these hot springs at Sungai Klah, Perak which is just off Sungkai. It's a pretty short ride from Kuala Lumpur as you basically take the highway all the way till Sungkai toll plaza, about 1 hour plus of driving.

Usually when people tell me hot springs and local destinations, I am like totally prepared for chaos, broken down equipment, badly maintained tourist sites and etc. To my great surprise, Sungai Klah Hot Springs is nothing like that and the place is beautiful with it's man made ponds for swimming, hot spring spas, saunas and soaking pools. A quick search on the Net indicated that almost RM6 million was spent on this park by
Felda and there are even plans to expand it further to an international standard health spa. (Click on the link for more pictures and further details on the hot springs including it's address) I hope they do keep up the maintenance and their promise as this place is fantastic. The picture above shows a cascading waterfall they made with the hot springs so boiling hot water is used and there is steam arising from it.

I was tickled pink when someone told me that a highlight of this park was egg boiling in the hot springs. You can buy three eggs for RM1 and boil them in a special pool with baskets. It's quite fun to see them boil and the water is super hot with temperatures up to almost 100 celcius. See the bubbles of water in the egg basket.

There is even a handy little guide telling you how many minutes to boil your egg with so you won't get it wrong. Surprisingly the hard boiled egg is devoid of any sulphur smell and retains it's warmth for quite a while.

While traveling around, we stumbled on this place called Sungai Besar that is a fishing village and caught these fishermen who just came back with their catch. They were unfurling their nets and removing their catch of the day.

The fish they caught were mainly ikan kembung (Malay for mackerel) that can be used for deep frying or making assam laksa. Somewhere in the nets, this pretty unusual fish was also caught. Not too sure what it is but it was so long and something I have never seen in the fishmonger before.

This is the view of the river mouth leading to the sea from the fisherman's wooden jetties.

I also managed to get some pictures of the fish boats coming in from their daily day in the sea behind some fish nets. I wonder what is the significance of the big fan in front of the boat though?


rokh said...

well maybe the fan is to encourage movement of the boat

xaverri said...

2 years ago the Sg Klah area was just crisscrossed with planks (to prevent visitors from falling and roasting themselves in the hot water). Good that they finally developed the place..

FooDcrazEE said...

Sg Klah, should bring my wife then ? What u ate around that area Boo ?

SkyJuice said...

The long fish looks like a sword fish (I've seen a sword fish at a beach in Sabah), but it isn't. Maybe it comes from the same family?

boo_licious said...

rokh - yeah I suspect so.

diana - now they put planks across and call it a sauna! It's really beautiful, do go one day.

foodcrazee - didn't eat there, ate at bidor but the food at the cafe is pretty ok. Kopi O was only RM1 and they also had ice kacang.

skyjuice7 - hmmm, maybe it could be an eel like Sue said? Dunno but it looked pretty tasty though.

glutton rabbit said...

Such a nice write-up of the place and I simply love your photos!

Evil Jonny said...

I'm a big fan of hot springs so this was really cool to see. Thanks!

boo_licious said...

evil jungle prince - if you have an opportunity to visit Msia, you must try these ones as they are so well done.

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