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Blogosphere Food Finds @ 12 December, 2005

Jiak Jiak Jiak! That's Hokkien to all of you asking us to eat, eat, eat which is what Malaysians are all about. Lots of foodie finds this week so feast your eyes on them.

Eats around Kuala Lumpur and nearby

Simmie from
What's For Dinner? tempted me with yummy pictures from a meal she had in Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel when she was back in Kuala Lumpur. Sandy from My Petaling Street is one devoted customer of the corner shop below Lok Ann Hotel just off Petaling Street. Lunch is virtually daily at this shop with slight variation in meals. Talking about hotels, JoeC Crash Pad introduces to us yummy Nasi Lemak from PJ which is just round the corner from Crystal Crown Hotel. I always pass by that shop, now I know what's famous there I should give it a try.

Grace from
Yummy Corner shares with us her favourite eats from Mid Valley Megamall's Oasis Food court i.e. grilled fish and pan meen. Recently, KY from KY speaks tried out Melaka Street in ss2. He gave his thumbs up for the food served there so it looks like I should be visiting that place soon! Aprilcherrie is planning her trip to Macau and Hong Kong (sounds good and I can't wait for those pictures!) with her pals in between eating some yummy looking soft shell crabs in Seri Kembangan.

The ever popular Dragon-i was visited by KY and Foodcrazee last week. Looks like this place is very happening with food bloggers. Julie the biscuit introduces us to Tiff's Jazz Lounge in Starhill for some mellow jazz music and Opera cake. Recently Julie introduced us to Yuritei Japanese restaurant in Sentul, looks like Wyejon from Wantan Productions found it and tried out the food there.

New Journey shares with us a new type of fishball covered with crispy bread crumbs he had in a dinner. At first I thought it's the prawn ball I usually buy but he says it's different. Babe of Babe in the City was tracking down Julie the Biscuit as she had lunch at Ole Cafe in Tengkat Tungshin. Looks like those two can meet up for drinks at this place which has adorable kitty cat motifs on their cups and plates. Poor Acrix from Acrix69: Realmz of Fantasy!, he went to look for Tenka Daiichi Ramen after reading Julie's review but it was closed that day so he ended up eating Burger King in KLCC. I guess if he wanted noodles, he could have tried Yummy Corner's recommendation for Wan Tan Mee in Sungai Besi.

Wyejon from Wantan Productions talked about Delifrance's new way of serving food. I guess it may be working as I walked past the newly renovated outlet in 1 Utama yesterday and it was jam packed with people. Kluang Station, the newly opened kopitiam in 1 Utama Shopping Centre's new wing got the thumbs down from Babe of Babe in the City and Pam from Foodyumz. Based on their good advice, I avoided that place when I visited 1 Utama yesterday.

Desserts is always a good thing especially in Malaysia's tropical weather and nothing beats Mango Lolo and Honeydew Lolo, two Hong Kong desserts which are recommended by Yummy Corner. Not too sure where the place is though so you may want to ask Grace for details.

A peek into Malaysian kitchens

I don't usually have breakfast but looking at Lilian of
Malaysia Best's fluffy pancakes with maple syrup makes me want to change my routine as they look so good.

The girls over at Just Heavenly and My Doggie Life decided to have an impromptu barbeque lunch with lots of goodies including marshmallows. Yummy stuff and they even teach you how to recreate them if you wish to whip up a barbeque anytime soon. Impromtu food is always good and Twinsmom of Double Happiness shares with us her "hentam prawns" a.k.a just whack whatever you have in the fridge for this dish. It looks good and Twinsmom gave her thumbs up for this. The king of impromtu food over in Scotland a.k.a Away from Home whipped up Sinfully Delicious CurryDogs, Thai Kerabu and Maggi Mee Murtabak. They all look yummy-licious(even the imitation Thai Kerabu) that I wish I could be in Edinburgh to taste them. If you're not too adventurous, try his yummy looking cream corn chowder as that will definitely keep you warm and toasty.

Glutton Rabbit up north from Pearl of the Orient made Chicken Salad, Apple, Celery and Rosemary when she had to finish up her rosemary herbs. Sue from Funky Cookies made lovely looking grilled chicken drumsticks which was inspired from the chicken wings she had in Sydney.

The cold weather is with us almost daily and Lilian of Malaysia Best has yummy looking mutton and white radish soup to warm you up. She also shares with us scrumptious Plum Sauce Dory Fish she made for a church function. Twinsmom from Double Happiness served up some lovely Swiss Brown mushrooms with chicken which is my all time favourite food. She also shared with us another recipe for mushrooms and fish that sounds great too. Thousand words and chronicles from Australia shares with us the way to perfect steamed egg while Twinsmom innovatively uses her prawn shells to make steamed egg with prawn stock. When you are away from home, sometimes you just crave those simple stuff like Maggi Mee Goreng which is what happened to the Sensintrovert. Or sometimes, inspiration strikes you whenever you watch television just like Arshana from Roux who whipped up some Jamie Oliver Chilli Con Carne.

Desserts are a great way to indulge yourself so why don't you try a slice of Just Heavenly's chocolate almond raspberry cake or strawberry cheesecake? Not into cakes, then try Tham Jiak's egg tarts which is served with a dash of Rachel's background. She also made some yummy looking sweet black glutinous rice which has a healthy dash of evaporated milk. May from the Month of May got her bagels right this time round but sadly not the marshmallow brownies.

If you are looking for a new source for recipes, try out the Malaysian Recipe blog which featured home made kaya and seafood salad last week. New Journey reminds us that Dong Zhi festival is just round the corner with some interesting looking tang yuan.

Shelf finds and what nots

Lilian from Malaysia Best has been on a blogging blitz (with a new look too!) and she shares with us her favourite canned food that look fantastic. Who would have thought canned sardines just need a touch of lime and tamarind to make it taste even yummier. Or there is sambal sotong in a can that will perk up your boring dinner when you are stuck at home. She even starts a bit of a Marmite revolution when she shared her thoughts about it and Celestine whipped up Lilian's Marmite Chicken. It looks so good that I may give it a try next week as I love Marmite and it looks so much better than my sticky version. Lilian also shares with us lovely pictures of the Banana flower and it's many uses and the Pineapple Bun with no pineapple.

Far Away Eats

Shaolin Tiger
bedazzled me with his Penang road trip finds. I want the Char Kuay Teow, Wantan Mee and Prawn Mee please! Rabbit from Pearl of the Orient indulged in some food therapy after a stressful time at work with a lovely buffet spread in the Tamarind Brassiere. After staggering through Penang, we hop over to My Life At Beijing who enlightens us on what Beijing restaurants are all about. Not too sure why they had to do a security check (sounds a bit like KLCC) but the food looks yummy. Aprilcherrie is on a short break in Muar which has some interesting food items like Black Bean soup with Yau Char Kwai and Sotong with Water Spinach and Taufoo.

Victor's Edge is a bit homesick for Kuching food that he gives us a nice little list of food to look out for. I hope he takes lots of pictures of them when he is back is his hometown. Maybe he should meet up with Justin from Point of View as Frappe Cafe seems to be THE place for bloggers meeting up. Dragon City warns us not to try out Lucky Seafood in Lukut, Port Dickson as the service is so slow that you'll starve to death there. Point taken and I will definitely avoid it. I guess Dragon City should have hopped over to Sandakan where the Malaysian Recipe blog had some yummy seafood at Sapporo Snack House.


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