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Blogosphere Food Finds @ 19 December, 2005

It has been a pretty quiet week especially for the regular food bloggers. I guess everyone is in a festive mood or has gone for their holidays already. No worries though, I have still managed to track down some food finds which are all super yummy. Can't wait to see the Christmas postings though as I am sure there will be lots of goodies to be shared around.

A peek into the kitchen...

Lilian from Malaysia Best shares with us her Marmite Chicken recipe which her kids are not partial too so she whipped up popcorn chicken that will definitely give KFC a run for their money! A Spicy Life played a bit of "masak-masak" in her kitchen and made pasta carbonara and konnyaku jelly that looked like little red jewels. Rachel from Tham Jiak shares with us some information on lemongrass and makes an assam fish curry which I love!

A Spicy Life's Strawberry Konnyaku Jelly

Shawn of Away from Home has been a busy bee in the kitchen. He made some yummy looking chicken curry with the help of Brahmin (I love their stuff too!). He created new dishes, Apple Fried Rice, Currydog pancake and Couscous America that all sounds great. He even has a video on how to eat sushi. Just don't do that when you want to sample Glutton Rabbit's beautifully made unagi and ebiko sushi.

I love comfort food especially pies and Greenapple from My Felicity Corner makes my favourite Chicken Pie which will go so well with Just Heavenly's Apple Pie. I would also like a slice of Month of May's tangy lemon cheesecake. Mycoffee from Sweets for my Sweet made Ice-Cream cake for her father's birthday which looked so good.

Greenapple's Chicken Pie

The girls at
Just Heavenly are cooking a storm again and they made Yam Pinwheels and Sweetcorn Pudding that look great. Siedne from Juvenilia makes an interesting Elvis Sandwich which reminds me a bit of Nigella Lawson's banana and peanut butter version. Foodcrazee shares with us tips from his practical classes. How I wish I can cook as well as him as everything looks great!

Store finds to bring home and relish

Christmas would be dismal without chocolate so how about some Ritter Sport that Lilian from Malaysia Best introduces us to. Personally I have yet to try any but I know my friend raves about it and will buy loads whenever he is at the duty free shop.

For something savoury but is so adorable, how about trying out these Nissin noodles that come with dog and panda shapes? Wantan Productions discovered them and you can even get more animal shapes if you are not into dogs and pandas.

Wantan Productions' Panda and Bear Shaped Nissin Noodles

Eats to fill up your tummies around Kuala Lumpur and nearby

Julie the biscuit was on the hunt for good food and she found spicy soup at Sri Kembangan. Looks really good and I think this is the place I missed going the last time with friends. Just Heavenly introduces us to some yummy and cheap Japanese food at Kyoto Ramen all the way in Bukit Tinggi, Klang. If you don't feel like driving all the way there, how about trying out Tosaya which is right smack in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre? Only problem is don't go in a big group of people as you may have to wait a bit just like what the Boredworkers had to do.

Babyfelton rulez
did a stop at Marche Movenpick, the Curve which I love for their rostis, crepes and ice-cream. Shades from Muse N' Ramblings visited Nyonya Kitchen with his cell group buddies since it's their last meeting for the year. Hush Now helps us out with a little guide on where to eat cheap dim sum in Sri Petaling, Jalan Ipoh and Sungai Buluh.

Hush Now's yummy looking Dim Sum

Acrix69 did a bit of shopping downtown but managed to squeeze in some yummy looking Korean food at Hang Sung Restaurant. Dragon City recommends us Momo Cafe if you are near Bukit Serdang. And don't forget Dragon-i in Cititel (which everyone has talked about!) as Simmie from What's for Dinner? had fried rice and fried ramen there. Acrix69 introduces us to some gyoza and mee from Delicious Kitchen. I discovered a new blog full of food reviews called Memoirs of a Chocoholic who recently tried out at the famous Cafe Cafe. Looks like a very nice place to have a romantic dinner with your loved ones.

Faraway eats to drool over

The Malaysian Recipes Blog branches us out from just recipes and introduces us to Sandakan food with guides on where to eat various foods: Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Vegetarian, Kangkung with Cuttlefish, Shark's Fin Soup and Grilled Crabs. I have fond memories of my time in Sandakan as it's a great place to get fish noodles, cheap seafood (crabs cooked with rice wine), coconut jelly and hot lemon tea for breakfast.

From the other side of Malaysia, we visit Penang - the place where you always get good food where Shaolin Tiger had some assam laksa and satay cina. If you are feeling a bit down, how about some steamed chickpeas and ground nuts that Glutton Rabbit had to cheer herself up. Aprilcherrie is off to Shanghai for her holidays but she shares with us pictures from her Muar trip. I can't wait to see her pictures of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Aprilcherrie's Muar Char Kuay Teow

Note: I have added in pictures from the individual blogs which I think deserves a mention as they look great. If you have any issues with me using the photos, please tell me and I will remove them from this page.

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lynnee said...

*salivates all over keyboard*...

those nissin noodles with the panda heads r just so cute! am off to jusco tonight to find some! :D

boo_licious said...

lynnee - Wow! Hope you will blog about that as they are so cute.

LavaMama said...

oooo, cute panda bears!! I like.

boo_licious said...

lavamama - I am sure shark boy will like those.

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