Friday, December 16, 2005

Plugging Food Blogs

I stumbled upon two blogs that are promoting their food businesses tonight and I thought I will share them with you. One blog is the Just Heavenly cakes which I was searching for my friend who wants to order a special cake from them. Not too sure how she will get her cake as it does say two days in advance. Searching through their website brought me to their blog which is pretty interesting as they talk about how they decorate their cakes and the ingredients they are sourcing for.

Then, coincidentally I got an email from someone who has just set up a nyonya cakes blog called
Aroma Nyonya Kueh for their family business. I have been to their factory before in OUG but sadly did not manage to see how they make their nyonya kueh. Do pop over there as you get to see lovely pictures of the kueh and how to order them.

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