Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ThE WeLL TrAvElleD PiCkLe

I was thinking of a nifty title for my auntie's pickles (or what we call Acar in Malaysia) and thought hey, how about boasting a bit on how well this acar has travelled. My aunt (the one who made the chinese dumplings earlier) is a super duper cook and lucky for us she is always piling us with delicious food. She made this really yummy acar last week and all I got was a teeny weeny jar which I am now treasuring.

My aunt has certain signature dishes to her fame and one of them is this acar. The other one was her sambal hai bee (prawn sambal) which I used to carry faithfully each year to England and ration them since it was for my whole year there. I was told by my mother that this is not the usual acar that people have. I guess they don't come with the peanuts and it's just plain with vinegar. Am I right? I honestly don't know as the only acar I eat is my aunt's one. Her version has cabbage, cucumbers and carrots - all coated in chili sauce and crunchy peanuts. This tastes wickedly nice and goes well just on it's own i.e eaten sinfully from the jar, with some prawn crackers or with white rice. It's well travelled as it's gone to Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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