Thursday, June 09, 2005

TaIwAnEsE BeeF NooDlEs

We discovered these yummy Taiwanese beef noodles sometime last year when we made a trip to Ampang Point shopping centre. As we rarely go to Ampang, originally we were planning to eat some Korean food at the Korean Town in Ampang. However, a quick word with our friend who owns a shoplot in Ampang Point diverted us to this beef noodles joint which he highly recommended. Since then, this place has been an absolute must for us and we make special trips to Ampang just to eat the yummy beef noodles.

Their first outlet is located on the first floor of Ampang Point and they are seriously running out of space to put tables and chairs for their customers. Our last trip there, we found out they had also taken another shoplot outside the shopping complex which is just as packed. The shoplot is much better as it is less claustrophobic compared to the one in the shopping complex.

The menu is quite simple, they serve beef noodles (dry and soup) with mee and glass noodles. They also have chicken noodles, noodles with dumplings, fishball noodles, rice sets, chicken wings, dumplings and etc. The noodles come in sets where you pay RM9 for a huge bowl and a drink (chinese tea or winter melon)

I always prefer the soupy noodles as I love the hot soup and the tons of vegetables inside (Kailan, chinese cabbage, carrot and white radish). The beef comes in huge chunks and is super tender and flavoursome. I had the beef with glass noodles below, the glass noodles is nice and not as filling as the normal mee.

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Splashie Boy always eats the dry beef noodles ( he hates soup as he says it is too hot), see the chunks of beef, the slices of potatoes and carrots. I tend not to eat the dry noodles as I can make an absolute mess of myself while eating it!

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Taiwan House Restaurant (Ampang)
Lot F31, 1st Floor
Ampang Point Shopping Centre
Jalan Mamanda 3
68000 Ampang
Tel:603 - 4251 5131

75, Jalan Mamanda 1
Ampang Point
68000 Ampang
Tel:603 - 4252 2389

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presa1200 said...

this braised beef noodle is a national dish of Taiwan, surely it is delicious :D

Please visit there again.

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