Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MiLkShAkE aNyOnE?

Recently I had a tall glass of slightly warm fresh cow's milk shaken but not stirred at the *mamak stall. It was my first time drinking it as a friend of ours, Mohan offered to order this Indian delicacy for me. He told us that the froth on top is very valuable and sometimes, you get little bits of cream on top. This one was not that creamy but it is amazing how it froths up so beautifully like a capuccino.

The Indians love fresh cow's milk and some ancient Indian texts even call it amrita which means nectar in Indian. Ayurvedic medicine texts claim that cow's milk is good for building vitality and can cure uric acid problems in your stomach. It is also said to help prevent heart disease.

So next time when you want a health cure, try our local milk shake a.k.a fresh cow's milk?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

* Not all mamak stalls serve fresh cow's milk. This is from the Nasi Kandar Penang in Petaling Jaya New Town (next to HSBC Malaysia Berhad's Petaling Jaya branch)

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