Thursday, December 27, 2007

Salted Fish Fried Beehoon @ Loy Kee, Medan Selera, Petaling Jaya

Merry Christmas everyone! Am sure all of you are busy with celebrations. Sorry but I have no food pictures from this year's Christmas party. Stupid me, I forgot my camera last night. I was charging my battery and with the rush of picking my mother from the airport, getting her settled at home and etc, I forgot to take it with me. We had a great time - turkey and yummy lamb cutlets from Shangri-la Hotel, fried beehoon, home made pie tee (I had loads courtesy of Splashie Boy), Johor Laksa and etc. Dessert was yummy pavlova topped with decadent thick cream mixed with my absolute favourite, clotted cream from Devon. Made by my friend, Ms. P, she has now perfected Nigella Lawson's recipe.

Back to day to day food, today's post is about a favourite place of mine - the Petaling Jaya Old Town Gluttons Square. I often hang out at this place for their yummy Ais Kacang, now I discovered another great stall. Introduced by my mother, this stall sells fried noodles, rice dishes. We especially love their fried beehoon mixed with bits of salted fish. Portions are generous especially the prawns for about RM5. The stall is run by a young couple - the wife is behind the wok while the husband handles the orders.

I love the generous portions given plus the fried beehoon has lots of "wok hei". Only gripe about the noodles is the pork slices - quite dry, which is expected since lean meat is used. Their cantonese fried noodles is also quite popular especially during lunch time. To cater for those one the go, they also serve one plate rice dishes - roast pork fried with celery or salted fish with belly pork.

Kedai Makanan Loy Kee
Lot 34, Taman Selera
Jalan Othman
Petaling Jaya Train

(Non Halal. Tel No: 016 – 598 0087. Open from noon to 9pm. Days off are not fixed.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Jackson said...

wow...hokkien fried beehoon with salted fish!! It's something new to me... when can u bring me there?

HairyBerry said...

read some good reviews on this place...i think wok hei is very important for any fried noodle dish...nice!

Jason said...

Long time didnt have beehoon with salted fish! :(

yammylicious said...

yea thr hv lot of nice food.. jus went thr and tried banana leaf.. and the delicious gula melaca ice kacang!! totally in love wif it! =)

ham yu beee hun...yamm~

Sugar Bean said...

Hmm... Haven't heard of this place before. Gonna check it out soon! Yeah, wok hei is really important in fried dishes.

Happy New Year 2008!

Yi May, Alexis said...

What is the best way to eat xiao long pao? i always burn my tongue when i suck the soup without the straw

Yi May, Alexis said...

Um there's a new pan mee shop in Kota Damansara Dataran Sunway. Its called Pan Pan noodles i think. Its loated at the really back there. A chily pan mee shop is near it. near the Pappa Kopitiam . Very good food. especially the fried sui kow

teckiee said...

ahh i like noodles with a lot of ingredients. some of the nice ones are cheap... but only have the taugeh, some fish cake and chopped up vege.

Babe_KL said...

happy new year boo_licious!!!

boo_licious said...

Jackson - come we go one Sat!

Nic - I love this place. Must give a try to the Cantonese fried as everyone orders it.

Jason - come come, we go with Jackson one day.

Yammylicious - yup, that ice kacang sounds good esp now since it is so hot!

wenching and esiong - Happy New Year!

yi may - nibble a hole on the side and sip slowly the broth to avoid getting yr tongue burnt. Thxs for the tip on Pan Pan, will try it when I am around the area.

teckiee - this stall is pretty generous with their portions.

babe_kl - Happy New Year!

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