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Char Siu and Hakka Mee @ Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites, Sunway Mas, Petaling Jaya

Blogs are such an amazing source of information. I first heard about this particular place from SC of
Food4Thot's blog in February 2007. For the longest time this remained on my "to do" list which I finally got to. I was partly cursing myself after I ate here since I should have found it earlier. Oh well, better late than never I reckon.

Ever since I ate here, I've been persuading friends to go try this - usually those who even live nearby are surprised there's yummy char siu right next to their doorstep. Even my mother loves the char siu here - tender with a not too sticky coating on the outer layer. The best part is even the lean bits are tender so you don't need to be so sinful and order the fatty parts. My mother reckons this char siu is highly similar to the
Overseas version with the tender pieces and sticky coating. For those who prefer it really sweet, they serve the char siu sauce on the side.

Aside from the char siu which emerges fresh from the oven around 10am to 10.30 am every day except Tuesday, this place also serves Seremban favourites like Hakka Mee and Cuttlefish Beehoon. I'm also impressed with the Hakka Mee which is now fast becoming a permanent fixture in coffeeshops in town probably since the noodles is made without any lye water (kan sui). It has a very homey feel to it as the minced meat is pale colour and a soupy broth is added to the noodles. As usual my benchmark for great food is my mother and she who hates Hakka Mee also said this passed with flying colours. Although they serve fishballs, loh shue fan and etc, I must admit I usually stick to the char siu and Hakka Mee which are my all time favourites.

The only downside about this place (can't be totally perfect right?) is service can be quite slow especially during peak times. However with my numerous visits here, I noticed a slow improvement. They have these orders written in paper - once you hail the owner down to place your order, he will then pass it to the kitchen at the back and the counter in front where they keep the char siu. After the orders are placed, food is actually served quite efficiently.

Overall I reckon this will be my mainstay for yummy char siu in Petaling Jaya while Meng Kee Char Siu also holds a soft spot for me especially if I am in town or in Shah Alam.

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant
No. 80-1 (Ground Floor)
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 017 - 279 8582

(Non Halal. Business starts at 7.30am with noodles and etc but the char siu is only ready around 10.30 am (it takes about 3 hours in the oven). The place closes by 5pm but the char siu can sell out by 2pm depending on the crowd. The easiest way to get here is vide Kayu Ara. Turn towards Tropicana golf course from the Kayu Ara highway. Instead of straight through the tunnel to Tropicana, make a left turn at the traffic lights. Pass by Megah Mas and Mutiara Oriental Condominium, take a left at Kayu Nasi Kandar, Aman Suria and drive pass the shophouses. You will emerge at Sunway Mas which is hidden behind. Take a right and then you will drive past a multi storey carpark and the famous Ipoh white coffee shop. (Note that Sunway Mas is a lot of one way streets) Take another right, drive straight and then take the next right. Drive down the row of shophouses and you will pass by Chan Kee on your right and the Hainanese place, My Kitchen on your left. Take the next right and you will find the shop next to Teo Chew Meng on your right. During peak times, you will find people double parking in front of the shop.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Cat Cat said...

Char Siew Wantan Mee with green cili potong is one of the food that I am craving for... Mana mau cari WTM here? Aiyoyo...

boo_licious said...

cat cat - chinatown I guess will have or else you may have to make yr own.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

after reading that detailed instructions u gave me..there should be no reason why i cant find this..fingers crossed..haha

boo_licious said...

joe - can always sms or call if you are lost. Once you find Chan Kee or My Kitchen, you can locate this place.

irresistible said...

Wow.. Looks good. I think this is the one that my aunt keep telling me about !

GFAD said...

Luckily I have some mince pork and a packet of noodles around. Looks like have to make my own hakka noodles!

What is cuttlefish beehoon?

Calvin Kong said...

while the one in jln alor has been so popular for years and is very far for me since i'm staying in PJ, i first discover this hidden gem of charsiew 1yr ago. back then i was so happy that i don't have to crowd like other ppl in jln alor and still able to taste equally good charsiew.

but with more and more ppl tried it and exposure like blogs.. this place has started to crowd like mad over the past few months.... my serenity heaven gem is gone... :(

boo_licious said...

irrestible - yup, this is the same one she could not believe was near her hse!

kat - there's a pix at Tankiasu's review. Beehoon soup topped with cuttlefish I think.

calvin - yup, I heard from people it is super packed nowadays as it came out in the Chinese papers too. Oh well....that is usually what happens to great food.

Tummythoz said...

Ono another post on those charsiu! I still cannot find time to go there! *pull hair*

Unknown said...

oooo i know where...i've been there to eat too! it's one of my mum's friend from seremban open one! just yummy...

wmw said... fave source for char siew the moment.

boo_licious said...

tummythoz - ask SC to bring u there?

babyshannon - ah, lucky you as I guess you get to eat the yummy food.

wmw - hahaha, at the moment until you discover something better.

Jessica said...

boo, if you like tender char siew, cheras has a very popular and good one (have to wait quite long lar):

boo_licious said...

thxs jessica but I've been there b4 plus blogged abt it already. You're right the char siu is yummy stuff.

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