Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matcha Flavoured Desserts @ Ochacha, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Matcha Mango Cake

Let's go green today! Continuing on a sweet note, I discovered a great place to indulge in my love for Matcha (green tea). Located on the 6th floor, sandwiched between Starbucks and Zen by Secret Recipe is this place called Ochacha. They call themselves Matcha Tea Latte people which appeals to me straight away since I'm a great Matcha fan. No pictures of the place as I had packed back my desserts home this time round. I didn't even snap a picture of my Matcha Tea Latte with Butterscotch (RM11.80 for a large, RM10.80 for a small) as I slurped it all up. For drinks, they serve a variety of hot green tea lattes flavoured with syrups like passionfruit, lychee and etc. There's also smoothies and cold drinks with various flavours. Yet to explore all of them but some drinks are not available at the moment like the white chocolate with matcha that I was eyeing.

Topsy Curvy Brownie

They also have an interesting array of Matcha flavoured desserts. There's Matcha flavoured sponge cakes with various fillings - the traditional but too sweet for me adzuki bean, chopped strawberries and chopped mangoes. I went for the Matcha Mango Cake (RM8 for a slice) which was very good - light sponge tinged green sandwiching chopped mango cubes that were slightly tangy and cream. They also had Matcha flavoured panna cotta in a cup which reminded me of my Yoshoku cookbook and a Topsy Curvy Brownie (RM7). The brownie was also great stuff -moist with chopped nuts and matcha flavoured cream cheese topping. Only complaint about the brownie is it's a bit too sweet for my liking or else I like the subtle taste of matcha tea for the topping.

I won't mind returning for the desserts and the Matcha tea lattes especially when they have the white chocolate version as that's my favourite flavour pairing. Besides this newly opened outlet in Pavilion, they will also be opening another place in The Gardens, Mid Valley City.

Lot 6.01.01
6th Floor
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

(Halal. Located on the 6th floor right next to Starbucks coffee which is also having their green tea promotion at the moment.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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NekoHime said...

Lovely looking desserts!

wmw said...

Where's the matcha cupcake??? ;o)

boo_licious said...

neko hime - go try them one day.

wmw - still in my dreams. Yet to bake them though. Sigh!

Precious Pea said...

Ooooo...the matcha mango cake looks yummy. Good to know they are opening up in The Gardens, nearer for me to grab it.

By the way, what matcha cupcake??

New Kid on the Blog said...

Is it bitter?? I always find it bitter for any green tea stuff, regardless the cake, cup cake, any dessert.... :(

Big Boys Oven said...

Hey! Ochacha already open. It is something very new, utilising matcha as their main ingredient. Cool! A must try!

Cat Cat said...

Hmmmm, I find green tea a little bitter... Not quite sure how much I like green tea dessert.

myCoffee said...

Great discovery! Must try next time!

adrian said...

Look nice.
So all their foods is related to Matcha.
Will ask my bro to try it out since he is a dessert lover.

MeiyeN said...

oh my god.... i wanna try them.... so it's only desserts that they sell?

Unknown said...

yeah same question as meiyen, no main course? more like a high tea place?

ling239 said...

no wonder starbucks also promoting the greentea flavour drinks ~ ^_^

Jason said...

I don't dare to go up to the higher floor.. cos I felt dizzy when I look up on the ceiling on my 1st visit. :(

Babe_KL said...

aha, with the title bestowed upon me, i must indeed give this place a visit ASAP

daphne said...

such yummy looking desserts. I haven't thought of it but green tea and mango do go well.

Big Boys Oven said...

Was there at lunchtime, my opinion, there is still room for improvement.

~Christine~Leng said...

what other good food are available at the pavillion ya? I just stroll around pavillion once the other day. Didn't really check this place out properly ;)

irresistible said...

Oh..nice!! I just pass by the shop yesterday but i saw no one inside it.. and that time i was too full after Max kitchen. Need to try it one day. And oh. I'm so jealous of the way you live. ah.. wish i could be a writer. if only i have good command in language.

Jun said...

*gasp* u like matcha too??! :D i was super excited when i found a green tea and red bean sponge cake for my bday in adelaide this yr (it may seem "normal" for u, esp after all these fusion green tea stuff, but in adelaide, it's a gem!) i thought the brownie had red bean underneath. and wat's this "zen by secret recipe"?

tankiasu said...

I'm a great fan of Matcha too! Love Starbuck's latest Blackberry Green Tea Frappucinno. Have you try? ;-)

boo_licious said...

Precious Pea - nah, WMW has been bugging me to make matcha cupcake.

New Kid on the Blog - I don't find it bitter but maybe my tastebuds are different since you say anything with green tea is a no no for you.

BBO - it's an interesting concept, not sure if it'll take off though in KL.

Cat Cat - I guess if you don't like the green tea taste, will definitely be difficult then.

Mycoffee - hope u like it, they're very new though so expect teething problems.

Adrian - hope he likes it.

Meiyen and Kampungboycitygal - it's a cafe which serves desserts, green tea beverages (they have hot choc) and snacks like pies and etc.

ling239 - must go try. I have a Starbucks so near me but I rarely venture there.

Poor Jason! The restaurants are all up there so maybe u need to get used to it.

Babe_kl - ah so. You go check it out since near yr office.

Daphne - yup, interesting combo I thought.

BBO - for cakes or service? I reckon there's always room for improvement since they just started out.

Christine Leng - lots of places but most not opened yet. The restaurant floor shld be opened by Nov 2007 so go again then.

irrestible - Ah, I heard food at Max was very good so no wonder you were stuffed.

Jun - I'm not a fan of red beans so I don't like that pairing of flavour though. Zen is a new cafe by the Secret Recipe people. Almost the same stuff served there but they make it look different a bit. There's an outlet at Midvalley too on the same floor as the cinema.

Tankiasu - I shld go try! Ok, mission tmrw is to walk to Starbucks and grab one.

ai wei said...

my fave green tea! definately wanting to try out. has the outlet in gardens opened?
simply bought a tin of green tea powder the other day. now have to think of what i can do with it.

Sarah and Gan said...

I have an insane obsession with anything green tea and it's nice to know I can get to eat green tea desserts like these when I'm home in Malaysia. :)

check out my tokyo post on some green tea desserts we tried there too --from green tea latte at starbucks to green tea ice cream. heaven!

YUM-YUM said...

The desserts r so nice. The panna-cotta is one of my favourites. The drinks r nice. So addicting.Must go again

Dr.Gray said...

I love the name Ochacha. I might change it myself though to Ochachacha. But anyways the green tea desserts look great.

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