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Japanese Food @ Yuzu, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Salmon Sashimi (RM30)

There's an abundance of Japanese outlets in The Gardens to fit everyone's budget. First, there's Sushi Zen with a budget outlook, then Sushi Zanmai which is similar to Sushi King and finally Yuzu, a sister restaurant of Ninja Jones. Located on the top floor, Yuzu is tucked away in a corner right next to Isetan. No black clad ninjas here but you get lots of beech furniture and an interesting slate fountain in front.

Seafood Motoyaki (RM28)

Since Yuzu opened on 26 September, they're running a promotion - 10% discount for a la carte items and 25% discount for sashimi items ordered. It's available till end of October 2007. Good and bad points about this - the discount is a great way to sample food BUT a lot of patience is needed to dine here. Since the kitchen staff is fairly new, they're not efficient hence be prepared to wait for your food. We had to wait almost an hour for our food when the restaurant was not even packed!? Usually restaurants take some time to achieve a certain rhythm or efficiency level hence the first few months is always a testing period in terms of service and food.

King Prawn Roll (RM28)

Back to the food, I'm not a Ninja Jones regular but based on what I read on other people's blogs, the food kinda looks similar. There are slight variations - mushrooms are served with the wagyu saikoro steak here unlike Ninja Jones where they serve it plain, there's no papaya seafood motoyaki but it is a honeydew version and etc. There's also another type of food they're introducing here at Yuzu which involves the use of a ceramic hotplate found at every beech coloured table. I don't recall the Japanese name but it involves grilling the food with little oil.

Ikura Chawan Mushi (RM18)

Feeling indulgent since it was the weekend, we had an order of Salmon Sashimi which was served on a bed of ice. We were served five equally sized sashimi pieces with a melt in the mouth texture which got our thumbs up. Then it was the King Prawn Roll which had tempura prawn, avocado and salmon sashimi which was not bad but didn't wow us.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak served with mushrooms

We ordered an Ikura Chawan Mushi to share - the fish roe was a bit salty which went well with the bland but smooth egg custard. Our favourite was the Wagyu Saikoro Steak - cubes of succulent beef lightly grilled and kept warm in a ceramic burner with a bit of butter. There's also grilled mushrooms on the side. They also do a version where the beef cubes top rice for a one person meal which I would not mind returning for.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak (RM48)

Although they kept asking us to try the Scallop Aburayaki, a specialty of theirs, we settled for the Seafood Motoyaki which took forever to reach our table since it had to be ovenbaked. Luckily the food was worth waiting for. Like the Papaya version in Ninja Jones, this had an assortment of seafood (scallops, prawns, squid) topping cubes of honeydew and drizzled with a creamy cheese sauce. The sauce does not have an overpowering smell so it makes a pretty pleasant experience.

Overall, food was definitely good but not the service. I wouldn't mind returning again for the discount but I suspect during peak times it will be extra worst when the kitchen staff can't cope. Pricewise, I noticed based on other blogs that there are slight variations in terms of prices compared with Ninja Jones - some are lower or some are slightly higher but then size and presentation of the food is different.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 - 2284 7663

(Pork Free. Located next to Isetan and at a corner.)

*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may vary for others. The reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

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Cat Cat said...

Arrhhh, chawan mushi is a must for me when I eat japanese... Sure my hubby menjerit if he was served with that BIG prawn head.

Xiu Long Bao said...

omg...the pix are simply brilliant...the first pix of the salmon sashimi is tempting me!!! NOoOOOO....

daphne said...

nice! too bad that the service is slow. Seafood Motoyaki looks different too. Is that cheese on it?

Jackson said...

u r a real Japanese Food Queen!! The sashimi make me faited..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeap..the wagyu looks the ninja jones they serve the mushrooms as a separate item on the menu..

somehow tat pic of the sashimi looks familiar..maybe its the bed of ice..but yeah something tells me its definitely from ninja jones..or maybe its bcoz u told me so..haha

jasmine said...

woah. suddenly i'm craving jap food. i think i'll try the seafood motoyaki. didn't try the papaya one from ninja jones coz i'm not a huge fan of papayas.

New Kid on the Blog said...

looks like gotta make a trip down to the garden... so many good food....

Jason said...

I haven't step into there yet...

irresistible said...

this looks like a good place to bring my mum for her birthday.

ling239 said...

i think i heard the prawn calling my name... ^_^

boo_licious said...

cat cat - I love how smooth the egg custard is too! Yummy stuff.

xiu long bao - u can go with yr lunch kaki but make sure u don't order creme brulee.

daphne - yup, cheese sauce. Kinda new fangled Jap food.

wake up jackson!! Wow, you faint at the sight of sashimi, I wonder if you see yr fav makan what will you do???

Joe - it's part of Ninja Jones as confirmed by the restaurant people.

jasmine - I'm always craving for Jap food. Terrible as I can eat it a few times a week.

new kid on the blog - I think give them time to adjust and more places to open. Shld be ok by end of the year.

jason - ask tai kar cheh to take u there?

irrestible - be warned as they are slow unless yr mum does not mind waiting.

ling239 - which one? I thought you had enough with yr fresh waterprawns that day.

ling239 said...

Seafood Motoyaki and the King Prawn roll... which one is better?
the truth is i never had enough fresh water prawns ~ ^_^

SZ said...

interesting blog..

my name is saeed and i am from Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am in the process of opening a japanese restaurant here.. but i am having a hard time finding a good chief.. do you know where to look? do you know anyone who is interested? pays well and will take care of visa and flights issues..

will appreciate your response.. thanks soo much ..


boo_licious said...

ling239 - the seafood motoyaki is much better and unique.

saeed zaabi -sorry, no idea abt Abu Dhabi. If not available there, maybe you have to come to countries like Msia, Spore or Japan to get chefs as we have quite a few restaurants here.

ling239 said...

noted... tks ~ ^_^

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