Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nigella Lawson's latest - Nigella Express

Loads of controversy about this cookbook in the British press. First it was, do the recipes work?, then there was this incident where Nigella showed her rumoured 32G bosom to it's full glory (Fatboybakes was impressed with her Rubenesque figure). There was also a study conducted by the government which said her recipes were tricky to follow. Latest hoo hah was, is the Nigella Express cooking show real since the story leaked out they had faked a scene.

Whatever it is, I reckon the Nigella Lawson fans will poo poo all these media spin about their beloved idol. In fact, these news probably drove her book up the bestseller lists. The best is just cook from the recipes and decide for yourself. The Times London is running her recipes so pick one and give it a try. Feedback on it's workability is always welcomed. It's interesting to note it has yet to reach our shores when Jamie Oliver's new cookbook is already here.


fatboybakes said...

haha, these british press...what's wrong with faking a kitchen studio, afterall, surely you dont expect her to have workmen and photographers and video etc traipsing through her living room every week.

yar, i'm baffled, jamie does have a greater following here. maybe its coz he's more rakyat, whereas nigella seems to be a classy dame.

boo_licious said...

I think they both get a good following here with the telly shows. U see Nigella's books all over town and the cheaper paperback versions too.

UglyButAdorable said...

hi there, great blog here

i'm obsessed with food..not the cooking though..not yet :)

now I know where to go when i ran out of ideas..

mind I link you to my blog?

Spot said...

I thnk Jamie O has a greater following because his books are apparently easier to understand. I think that just goes to show the standard of literacy these days.

Nigella's books are attractive only to those who derive pleasure from reading, from words. Unlike Jamie's books, which are pretty much just a bunch of directions with some pictures.

Nigella's books are conversations. Jamie's are the literary equivalent of kiddie board books.

I'm so biased. :)

wanderlust said...

Who care about what they said on press?! In my eye, Nigella is the Goddess! Love her TV show especially.

Jamie on the other hand... just wanna pick up a pair of scissors and give him a haircut and teach him how to speak English properly!!

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