Friday, October 12, 2007

Reminder - Drive for Food Contest

Quick reminder for the contest! Since there's a long weekend ahead of us, get those video cameras cracking to do an entry. Pretty simple to make and since some of you will be going back to your hometown, how about a feature on their specialty? Just do a simple one and post it on Youtube. For more details on deadlines and how tos, click on the Drive for Food link.


Unknown said...


Thanks for trying our menu, as it was just changed on 5th October last week. Still some wrinkles to iron out.
Just some corrections about the cooking methods of Rick's Cafe;

1. The Confit Garlic is not Roasted, hence it is called confit. Cooked covered at a very low temparature in the oven for no less than 3 hours. Surprisingly, some people can screw this up, so I wouldn't consider it simple.
2. The Calamari is not Battered, but coated in a seasoned flour then fried.
3. The White cod Brandade does not have any cheese on it, however it my look like it because we broil it until crisy brown. But I can definitely say there is no cheese.

Also, the cuisine that we are putting across to the public is not really Moroccan, but more Casablanca to be precise. Casablanca is a city that has had French occcupation since 1907 (to this day is still a French speaking city and street names still in French, why change a good thing) and the culture and food has become a menage of French influenced North African Cuisine (look up a la pied noir). Thanks for coming by Rick's Cafe and for your honest, constructive comments. It helps us to do better and improve our food to meet local market standards.

Tim Yee
Chef de Cuisine
Rick's Cafe Casablanca.

sparks said...

Just out of curiosity, what camera are you using? I saw a picture of the sashimi and it was... whoa!

boo_licious said...

Thanks Tim for entertaining us that night. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks also for the detailed info on the menu items and the corrections. Will go check out yr new menu soon.

Sparks - I use a point and shoot Lumix. Sadly no monies for a high end DSLR.

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