Friday, October 05, 2007

Drive for Food Contest

Calling all foodies!! Have you heard about the great contest that the Star paper is organising? Really simple as all you need to do is make a video (for 30 to 60 seconds) on your favourite food, favourite makan place or your favourite tourist destination. Easy peasy since we have so many great food places and all of you can sniff out the best. Give it a try as the prizes are good - cash, camera, tyres and a chance to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for good food. Even though you don't win the prize at the end, the yummy food you discover on the trip will be worth it. Click on this link to get to their site which details out the terms and FAQs.

Couple ideas that you can try from the top of my head would be about the Ramadan bazaars (so much food to document!) or your own cooking (don't think you can imitate Gordon Ramsay since all the words will be censored but how about Jamie Oliver. Of course Nigella Lawson will be good but then one needs those bountiful assets of hers). Whatever it is, have fun and eat lots of good food while making it.


Raymond Lim said...

o, i love those food... the ramadhan pasar is more common at my place...I am from Kelantan

boo_licious said...

raymond - cool! Lucky you as Kelantan has great food. I guess a video on the superb Ramadan food in Kelantan will do or even the market ladies there.

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